Wes Anderson (Hotel Chevalier, The Darjeeling Limited)

28 Apr

I have always heard the name Wes Anderson in my film classes and from my friends in the production world. I have seen clips of his works like Life Aquatic and Royal Tenenbaums and the most recent stop-motion animated film he made Fantastic Mr. Fox. However, I never really got to watch his films on one sitting. I never really had the chance to watch his films however I came across Royal Tenenbaums and Life Aquatic because of my film classes.

I love his style of camera work wherein he mostly uses pans (left or right), tilts (up or down) and dollying (in or out).  It seems so easy and simple how his films are shot but come to think of it, they’re really calculated and it is tedious work. How one shot, all three brothers are in the frame then he moves to Jason Schwartzman, then Owen Wilson then Adrian Brody (Tricycle scene). It emphasizes more the individuality of each character. Moreover, this style of shooting fits his stories. Well for Darjeeling Limited it did. The color grading of his films give it an authentic look in that it doesn’t try to be all artsy with the saturated colors and at the same time it’s not too sharp and crisp with solid colors.

For me, Hotel Chevalier works better at the beginning of the film because it gives a simple yet witty background to how Jack lived his life. He has an independent and serious personality but was also funny when it came to Darjeeling Limited. The short film at the beginning served as a support to where he based his writings—from life experiences

I was honestly surprised to see Owen Wilson as the eldest brother because Adrian Brody looked much older. However, he gave the role he had character. It did not seem that he was younger than Adrian Brody even if he did look younger. His character gave of a superior vibe among the three because of how he sort of “controlled” their journey. Adrian Brody had the most interest in their father’s belongings because he sort of “steals” them and considers them his. I guess in the end each of them wanted to have  a part of their father to keep after he passed on.

The story was really simple but I loved how it was written; brothers with “bad” childhood memories that made spite one another came to an end as they went through the journey that made them realize the importance of their brotherhood.

Some of the other things didn’t really make that much sense to me like Bill Murray’s role but I think it was a staple move for Wes Anderson to have used same characters for his films. I think he used it as an intro for the film just so he could use Bill Murray—or maybe he had his reasons. It could’ve been another reason as to why the three brothers were running to catch the train in the latter part of the film. I recently downloaded other Wes Anderson’s films such as the two I mentioned above, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rushmore and Bottle Rocket.


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