03 May

V for Vendetta is the shit. The first time I watched this film was when I was still in high school I think when I was still a stranger to all the different elements of a bad ass movie—acting, the treatment, understanding the plot and what was happening. This was when I found the film mad awesome entirely because V was such a cool character and that the person playing Evey was the ever so beautiful by Natalie Portman. It really didnt matter to me how the movie was shot, edited, how the actors were and all those production stuff. As long as it was cool and I looked nice visually, it was good enough.

Now that I’ve seen it again, nothing really major changed. It’s still the badass movie I watched before. However, I’ve taken into consideration elements now such as Natalie Portman’s great acting and understood what the film was trying to say. What V was doing and why he did those things. I didn’t really question why he had to kill all those people. I just thought, they wronged him before that’s why he wants revenge–plain and simple. But no. It had something more to it. He was fighting for something; his actions had a purpose. Killing had a purpose. The action such as blowing up a building was a symbol, which gave the people reason to stand up and fight their government. The government should be afraid of their people and not the other way around.

One of the things I liked about the film was how Natalie Portman played her role as Evey. She didn’t have such a special kind of role nor was it interesting enough to talk about. It didn’t matter to me how she affected V. It was her acting per se. I guess I admire Natalie Portman in her acting and how beautiful she still is as a bald woman. I can say it was easy to “fall in love” with Evey they way Natalie Portman played her. She was this frail and easily scared girl who had a terrible childhood. She never outgrew her past and it constantly creeps her making her vulnerable to anything. You could see the terror in her eyes, facial expression and body language. I really felt her pain. I would understand what V saw in her which made him do the things he did.

V was V. The same cool guy who killed for revenge. He had his own sleek way of killing which made it even more awesome. I liked how he talked and prepped the people he killed before he actually did the deed. I also liked that he was eloquent and classy. However the first time I saw the movie, I didn’t quite like his mask mainly because he looked like a joker. I guess it was quite hard to put Hugo Weaving’s face as V because of his role as Agent Smith in the Matrix or as an Elven Warrior in Lord of the Rings. Though I believe his voice fit the masked hero.


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