Puchdrunk Love: Punch To My Head (063874)

07 May

When I first heard punch-drunk love, I really thought this would be one of those good ‘ol romantic comedies. Boy, was I wrong about that.

The movie, for me was very stressful, not to watch, but to experience. let me sum up the things which I felt were chaotic and heart attack inducing: the sounds, the atmosphere, the camera, and of course, Barry Egan.

The movie was crazy, and i’m not saying this because this is the first time i’ve seen it. It was a total blood rush to me, and I was constantly at the edge of my seat. besides the fact that the music was always off key and somewhat a destruction of the atmosphere, it reflected the stress and tension that Barry Egan was experiencing at certain moments in time.

It was most stressing for me, though, overtime I saw Barry Egan moving, whether he was moving by himself at home, at the office, or walking towards someplace. If anyone else noticed, the camera always focused exactly on the characters that were in the scene, nothing of the background, nothing else but the characters. For example, I saw the character of Barry egad running across the hallway of the apartment where Lena resided, and there was nothing more than the hallway, and the camera shaking to the movement of Barry Egan running. I found that stressing because I got drawn into the film and the film sort of attaches me to the feelings evoked by Barry Egan. I would constantly shout in my head “oh my God, oh my God, what’s going to happen? It’s so intense!” in my head, just because all of the elements on how the scenes were taken feels like i’m beside Barry, running with him, screaming with him.

Another scene which I feel illustrates my point exactly was the time where he ran from the blonde brothers. we could feel his emotion because the camera made it seem like we were running with him, seeing only what he saw, which was limited to the narrow streets, the vision right in front of Barry. Where was nothing we could see in the scenes, which made me think about what could happen next, or if anything could pop out at the side and I would be totally unprepared for it.

The characters of Barry Egan and Lena were two of a kind in a world where everything seemed the same. His sisters forced him to conform to their world, and things start to get out of hand for the lives of these two people. yes, they were crazy, and everything in the movie complimented their tension-filled lives, but in the end they were in love with each other.

This movie seemed like a horror film to me, making my heart pound and rattling me senses with this strange and twisted take of true love between two almost crazy and lost individuals. I loved it very very much.


Yu, Gregory

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