Color of Love

11 May

Punch Drunk Love. A film filled with so much emotion and expression.

After watching PDL, I would say that this is the most visual movie I’ve ever watched so far. The different color techniques and lighting effects enhanced the movie’s quality. These techniques are what expressed both the characters’ and the viewers’ emotions throughout the whole film. What makes it even more unique is that the story wasn’t a typical romantic comedy. But maybe the humor is just not the usual shallow humor that everyone’s used to. I don’t know if I love the PDL but what I do know is that I am amused by how the film was made.

I was also drawn to watch this movie because of Adam Sandler, knowing he’s a very popular actor. The way he played out his character actually fit my expectations because I found it fitting for him as well. For some reason, Adam Sandler was able to pull off his character desiring for happiness and love in his life. It wasn’t exactly funny but it was entertaining. I found it strange that the character Barry was wearing the blue suit the whole movie but at the same time this made me remember him. The blue suit augmented his character. Lena wearing red actually contrasts the blueness of Barry and makes their colors, the blue and the red, live up to the saying, “opposites attract”. I also noticed, however, that Lena had an outfit change when she was in Hawaii. She was wearing white. Although this still contrasts to the blueness, it shows that Lena’s personality is more diverse than Barry’s. I think this is where I noticed the loneliness and isolation of Barry. Actually, had a lot of isolation moments during the movie; the beginning of the movie where he was just in like a garage or something, in his house when he was on the phone sitting by the table then camera all of a sudden pans to his opposite side showing that no one was with him, his moment with the harmonium and his alone time in the grocery. Seeing Barry’s relationship with his sisters, I believed that he was a troubled boy that had a bad childhood and was trying to recover from it. I always thought that he wanted to get away that’s why he called an airline and bought the pudding but he just didn’t have a reason for it. This all changed when he met Lena. Barry and Lena are both awkward in their own way but somehow they cliqued. In PDL, you learn that love can awkwardly fall on your hands and just hit you straight to your sad lonely heart. And this was emphasizing in the art of colors of.

It was like the movie had so many colors but not that much either. During the film, the only colors that stood out for me were the blueness of Barry’s suit and the redness of Lena’s dress. Then the only time I saw colors was during the transitions of scenes where in there was like a spectrum of different colors. Each transition had a different spectrum. I didn’t really know what these meant until I read Redeeming the Mileage of Punch Drunk Love. It said there that the spectrum was a sign of the emotion/feeling in the scene of the film. I found this subtly smart. The art of this color scheme seemed so out there but the meaning behind it was very ambiguous. I don’t know if this is a bad thing because this could either confuse the viewer or allow the viewer to give their own interpretation.

The music in this film is kind of eccentric and weird. The memorable haunting, “He Needs Me” just sticks to your head. I think this and the harmonium melodies add on to the quirky freakiness of the film and contributes to the “not your typical romantic comedy” aspect. However, I like the freakiness to it because it coincides with the visual effects and I like how this film focused on audiovisual aspects to send out their message of emotions.

Punch Drunk Love. Truly a film of emotion and expression.

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