15 May

Spider was one of the weirdest films I’ve seen. I found myself having a hard time understanding the story until maybe half of it. It came quite a shock to me how he saw his past and childhood all over again. Given that he had these memories of his, which are distorted, who’s to tell which happened and which didn’t? No one can say for sure but I guess the only thing we can assure is that he had a terrible childhood. Another this is that he was weird.

What I liked about the movie is how creepy looking it was. The house he lived in had an old feel and it seemed that you’re trapped in this place wherein there are people but you don’t feel like they’re there. When Mrs. Wilkinson welcomed Spider to his room, he was uneasy about letting her bring his things. It just showed the discomfort he was feeling about everything. The neighborhood was also very dead. Being near a factory isn’t actually something that you’d be excited about. Nevertheless I think Spider was not really bothered by it because what made him relive his childhood was the entire setting. Another thing I liked is how the movie presented his schizophrenia. He was present in the scenes wherein it’s was like he was there again when the things happened. It’s quite confusing however how he saw them so clearly. Given that he couldn’t really think straight on a normal basis, I found it weird that he saw them and understood the thoughts quite clear. However his eyes were really opened when it was already the last scene when he was about to kill Mrs. Wilkinson. All along I believed that his dad killed his mother. Then again, I’m not sure which is which. I’d like to believe that the father killed his wife and maybe Spider killed the mistress using the gas.

What I didn’t like though is the intensity of the film. It had a constant mood wherein you feel like you’re on the end of your seat. I felt that something was about to happen each time Spider flips out, mumbles something or like relives something. Raplh Fienne’s for me has this image already of a psychopath man who is really disturbed. If you’ve seen the Red Dragon, you’ll get it. So I like how it fits his image—for me atleast. So it wasn’t really hard to put him in those shoes with the idea that he’s already Lord Voldemort. Some films I can accept it that I am left hanging or wondering what would happen or what happened but for this one I couldn’t. I was a bit frustrated that it was not clear in the end. Yes we saw that he did not kill the person that “took” the face of her mother in Mrs. Wilkinson and it was simultaneously cut after the killing of the mistress—it cleared Spider’s mind that he maybe killed his mother (the mistress) but this still doesn’t explain who killed his mother. This film is weird.


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