La Jetee: Clarity (063874)

17 May

La Jetee is one of those movies where everything is unexpected. Just by the introduction of the movie, where it was set in post world war three era, was a movie where I got excited about. This excitement was also due to the fact that it was not an American nor a British movie, that added to my curiosity.

And just as I expected, the movie was unexpected.

The movie was dark, and was composed of only pictures that were monochromatic, flipping from scene to scene. I immediately though that it was an old movie that closely resembled an audiobook, only with accompanying still pictures. The beauty of an audiobook is that it leaves one to imagine the scenes, and to portray the life that the narrator is narrating. the beauty of still images accompanying the narration gives a sense of feeling to what the movie is about, they still challenging the audience to immerse themselves into the realities of the world set by the story. the added reality of the images (meaning they looked very realistic and not far off from technologies in our present, or even in past times) gives me this vibe the somehow, in some way, this could be true, and that the world we live in, the people we know and trust, could be a product of the manipulation of time travel that the main character experienced in the story.

I liked this movie because it gave this sense of thrill, a sense of “what could happen next”. it’s so good that pictures were used in the film because besides the stillness of the photos which give us the amount of imagination to move the scenes, the pictures depict something so real, like they were taken at an actual time and place. the stillness of the pictures gives it it’s reality, and if memory serves me right, it dragged me into watching the movie instead of getting bored by it.

As discussed in class, i thought that the movie would not have worked if there was any form of animation to the pictures. the only movement that would have worked for the film was the movement transitioning from one picture to the other. it would definitely be weird to have everything in animation and still narrated. the beauty of the film was that the pictures gave me a hint of what was happening, but 90% of it was a mystery – like it wanted to be narrated for it to have been explained in the clearest way.


Yu, Gregory

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