Spider: Mindbending Madness (063874)

17 May

i would admit, this movie, Spider, scared the crap out of me. it was so strange and so mindbending hat after class, it took me around a day to regain my composure and try to understand the events that happened in the movie. before that, even the thought of it gave me a migraine. i never thought such a freaky movie existed.

later on it was explained to be a movie that simulated schizophrenia. now i understood around one fourth of it, the way everything took place in the movie. Now at least I understood why Mr. Cleg used to be in the looney bin.

At first I thought Mr. Cleg was a war survivor with post traumatic stress disorder, as I saw when he first lied down on his bed talking to himself and holding (or i think he was holding) his collar like a radio phone. Mr. Cleg was big, he looked haggard and he always looked shocked, which I thought was signs that he used to be in a war and was traumatized after wartime. besides the occasional mumbling, he looked pretty normal to me – looking for the address of the house, waking around with no problem, smoking cigarettes. little did i know that it was going to turn out in a different way.

the first sign that made me think it was a creepy movie was the way he suddenly appeared in the house of that family, silently staking them from outside the window. he was everywhere, sometimes just peeking in, sometimes as a very creepy and dark man just veering outside the door, and almost shocked me when that little boy went outside and Mr. Cleg was there. I even thought he was going to abduct the kid, but he did not even notice the big man. Why was that? it was then that i knew that the movie was trying to make me believe something that was not there in the first place. it was all just memory vividly visualized by Mr. Cleg trying to reenact the scenes from his past. He was trying to reenact them to the extent of mumbling the exact conversations of the people in his memory.

Strange how all the events were fixated when he was the little boy, and no other points of his past. And it was also strange that the mother died, replaced by a new mother, but according to the father and mother, there was no mother that was killed and the real mother was actually the same mother that he had all along. This was the point where everything got mixed up in my head, and i stopped believing in everything the film had to say. The mumbling and scribbles of Mr. Cleg proved to me that everything did not fit into place; that what i was witnessing was not clear at all, like it was just a forgery of a mind that was very much different from my own. Maybe the memories were not really memories, but recreations to fit the satisfaction of the mind reenacting them.

Spider, spinning webs of deceit that eventually led to the death of his own mother. Spider that laid eggs of memory that wasn’t really true. Spider whose life was one big imagination of another self.


Yu, Gregory

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