The Godfather: Time and Transition (063874)

17 May

There is too much to say of The Godfather that I think I’m Going to say too little of it. This was such a magnificent movie and I got hooked into watching it, even though it was really really long and a whole lot of things happened.

first of all, I would like to commend the acting of all the actors. The acting was very believable, from Luca Brazi, to the heads of the five families, to the transition of Michael from a hero, to the eventual head of the family business. there was a whole lot of diversity in the characters in the Corlione family. it was so believable that it was like an in-depth insider sneak peak at the life of an Italian Mafia family – like it was a reality TV show with all the “bad blood” between all the Mafia families.

I wanted to focus on the character of the tree brothers of the Corlione family. Sonny, Tom, and Michael. Sonny was the war freak, was the impulsive one, and the one who wanted things sprung into action. Indeed, I expected him to die, but the way he died was so cinematic, but was so brutal that he even shouted his pain in his last breath.

Tom was the brother who worked in the sidelines, and was the adviser of the family. even though he was not related to them by blood, he was given a pretty big role, and people such as their enemies trusted that he did his role so much that he even avoided death. although that was the case, it was seen that blood is still thicker than water,and even though he was considered a brother, he was out. I can’t help but feel some pity for Tom, because Mike saw him as less of an advisor needed in those times of turmoil. Tom always opted for the peaceful solution.

Then there was Michael, the bother that was dragged into all of this bloodshed because of his father. Ironic how Don Corlione did not want Michael in the family business, but it was his injury that led to Michael’s conversion to a cold and heartless person. I feel pity for these three brothers because of their situation and the trials they had to undergo. Michael could not escape from his family and the problems of his family. Even though he started life far from all the mess and the war, it seemed to follow him, and it seemed to have led him back to the city. It was like it was his destiny to be in charge and to continue the family business.

it was so ironic that Don Corlione died playing with his grandchild when he did not die because of five gunshot wounds to the back. He did not die to start a war, but he died to mark the start of the end – when Michael took over and had all the leaders of the five families assassinated. it was just sad, and also Don Corlione pointed out that Michael should not have had anything to do with the family business because he was the “cleanest” in the family, but with some twist of fate, the one who was supposed to be the happiest one turned out to be the one who got stuck in the dark world of his father and hid family. He went so cold that he had to kill his sister’s husband even when he said that he would not leave his sister widowed, but lied to his wife about everything. That last scene where the wife saw the door close and people shaking Mike’s hand acknowledging him as the new Don Corlione – i think that his wife got the point that her husband had changed from the sweet man he was at the start of the movie. the wife’s face was indicative that she knew what was happening, but could not place herself in the inside of the room, as symbolized by the door closing.

Can’t wait to see part 2!!


Yu, Gregory

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