V: Red Roses, Red Hearts (063874)

17 May

V for Vendetta was the very first film in this class that I have watched for a second time. I even thought it weird to watch such a mainstream film in the sea of watching not so known and “old” films. i kept my mind open though, especially in the character of V, which I thought was the main focus of the film (even though Natalie Portman’s character was the real point of the story).

V identified himself as mo mere man but an idea, and the idea that cannot die. as everyone thinks that the character of V is one with a great amount of pride, that he was very confident and everything he did constituted a show of lights, music, cunning, and skill. Yet i want to point out that at one point of the movie, we see V in his chamber, taking of his mask and slamming it to the mirror. We then see him crying something so unexplainable. What was wrong, to have a plan so perfect only to cry? it does not make sense.

Then i tried tying up things that were present in the relationship between Natalie Portman’s character and V. V only shows his flaws, his weakness to Evey, as shown when he cooked breakfast and Evey saw V’s burnt hands, but V shrugged it off and said it was nothing. Only when Evey was present, did V not kill, as with the fingermen and the police officer in the station. Even with divulging his plan to Evey, was a sign that he showed himself to someone. It was not about taking the mask off was V able to show who he is and who he has become, but through all the scenes that led Evey to see what V was trying to do. V showed so much weakness that “he almost gave up” trying to change Evey, and might I say that it was a very very very big risk on V’s part.

i would also like to add that V for vendetta was not such a deep plotted film. for me, everything was laid out, that there was totalitarianism and that the government is abusing it’s power which is situated only in a few individuals. the parliament and Old Bailey that V wanted to destroy WERE the symbols of a government that was oppressive, and that needed to change. in short, V was a man who incited change, who started a revolution which had all the good intentions for the people, yet what was hidden is his personal revenge for all the wrongdoing what happened to him. Even the name, the title, and the countless use of the letter V was attributed to his cell number five, which was “V” in roman numerals. he even brought his character to life by likening himself to the character of the Count of Monte Cristo, which had a similar revenge story for those who oppressed him in the past.

Last thing that I wanted to point out is the use of black and red as the dominant colors in the movie. i would like to say that the color red is indicative of war, blood, fear, yet also represents love and passion. All of which was present in the movie starting with the the High Chancellor, his logo, the bloodshed and the roses, most importantly. The roses were on the corpses of the people V killed, and he had a multitude of flowers growing in his abode. They were both of love and hate, a passion for doing what he planned on the 5th of November, and a love of Evey.


Yu, Gregory

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