Zodiac: A Thrilling Chase (063874)

17 May

This film was a vary enjoyable, yet very stressful film to watch. why did I say that, because it was not like those murder and serial killer mysteries that we’re used to watching now. I watch Criminal Minds and CSI on TV, but it was nothing like this. there was more thinking than any other process done in the film. There was no science that was showcased in the film, and the people he killed were not explicitly examined. it was just shown that the Zodiac killed people, but that was it. most of the film, after the last kill of zodiac, was living everyday life but looking for patterns in the clues that the Zodiac gave. The film about the zodiac was not about the killings, nor did I think it was about looking into the mind of the killer, but more so about the struggle to look for clues to a man that could not even be traced, only to find out that it was “him” all along.

The unsuitability that I felt in the film was probably due to the fact that the clues were fairly easy, yet very vague. Everything was misleading, and there were heart racing moments that should not have been heart racing moments – but we were scared anyway because there were some things that we could not explain. Take for example, the scene in the house of the film guy. it was then that the character of Jake Gyllenhaal realized that everything started to piece together, that this person he was standing next to was the killer, and the killer he was sure of was partners with this guy. The handwriting, the basement, the film reel that was never shown all fit the profile, plus the unexplainable noises upstairs made my heart pound. But it was strange for me that we always see the Zodiac alone, but according to Jake, there were two killers. That scene was particularly misleading because all of the clues fit into place, but somehow I knew that he was not the killer – and yet also it was thrilling to see if he could have been killed in that house.

it was also chocking to me that in the end credits, it seemed like the movie was based in a true story, or perhaps it was just an epilogue of things that took place. it was really dramatic that the character of Jake Gyllenhaal was so obsessed with looking for the identity of the Zodiac masked as his making a book, that His own family left him. These were another 2 creepy scenes, that because the zodiac was calling his house, he thought that his family was already killed by him. the other scene that was eerie was the time his wife came back home, and I guess all of us thought that it could have been the Zodiac out to kill him once and for all. The great thing about the Zodiac was the thrill that was unconventional and was brought to us by the mystery of the identity of the Zodiac – we did not even know if the Zodiac was any of the people who were already interviewed, or if it was just a wild goose chase to track down a person who might not even be there anymore.


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