Remember Remember

18 May

“Remember remember the 5th of November.” This haunting yet sacred line is what the movie revolves around on. This is the line that V poetically declares and what Evey dramatically whispers. In the beginning of the movie, we all wonder what this special date represents. As the movie progresses, we see terrorist attacks and revolutionary schemes by V. As Evey accidentally falls into his hands, he then eventually sees her as a tool for change. The setting of the movie seems to be systematically chaotic under the order of the prime minister of London. Obviously, there is some kind of Martial Law imposed on the people. However, some, or even most governments were never known to be pure. They were notorious for being corrupt and disloyal to countries. In this movie, we see how everyone is controlled by the prime minister. A perfect example of this would be how during government meetings, his face is seen on a gigantic screen above everyone else. There is a sense of authority impropriety (for me, at least). This movie strongly expresses problems in politics and the desire for change. V is that “hero” and eye opener to the people of London. Through his dreadful experiences in the past, he shows acts of vengeance in the present. In the movie, you find this is all you see in him. A man of cunning plots of vengeance, a man pushing for revolt, an angry man at that. However, he meets Evey and then you see their shady relationship, how she is treated, how he uses her. He becomes the man on a mission, the man with purpose.

In my experience watching this movie made me become less naive. My views on the government and war were somehow strengthened and changed at the same time. The effect on how V changed the people of London was the same effect on me. I believe it was because of how the character V was so powerful and convincing. His poetic language and charisma was so powerful that it actually made me “love” him even more. Even if he was wearing a Guy Fawkes Mask and never revealed his face, it didn’t change thing. It actually added to the mysterious quality and let me draw his face in my imagination. It was amazing how you could feel his emotion without seeing his facial expressions. This eccentric character grew on me like a vine. The eeriness of his character is what deepens the desire for him. I think in this movie there were many faces. With this I mean there were many qualities seen in each character. With vulnerability, there was strength. With fear, there was courage. With failure, there was redemption. With suffering, there was peace. With cruelty, there was forgiveness. A lot of these analogies were portrayed. This wasn’t a shallow movie to watch.

The effects in this movie were pretty mainstream excluding the final fighting scene of V with the guards. I have seen these effects before in a lot of action movies but it didn’t change my positive view on it. I agree that although the ideas of this movie were all out in the open, it was still very much manipulative. I’ve never experienced an indirect politically emphasized plot so in depth.

I believe that this is a movie of depth and manipulation in such a mainstream level which makes it easier to empathize with. There as growth in each character and the climax was right on. It was very delightful to watch for the second time and the effect still manages to remain constant.

Definitely a movie I’ll remember forever.

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