The Godfather 2

20 May

The thing I think which I liked in the sequel of the Godfather is that it had a bigger scope. In a sense that there were more stories to follow and it wasn’t only focused on who the Corleone family is. It explained so many things on how Michael resembles his father Vito. The story of how Don Vito Corleone came to be the Godfather was not similar to how Michael was in the first movie however you can see the resemblance of it.

Michael was the quiet type who did not want anything to do with the family’s business. Vito did not want to get into what Clemenza had for him before. But as the times changed and Vito had to do something because it threatened not only himself but his family as well, he acted on it. Much like his father, when things began to get worse for the Corleone family in the first movie, Michael stepped in and killed Virgil Sollozo and Captain McCkluskey.

The film had the same feel in as the first one however it had more depth to it—more depth in the sense that there were more characters to get to know and how they were related to the downfall of the Corleone family. In the film I liked how Michael tried his best to do his job and hold the family together however he can. Though it was obvious that he was going too far with everything. He had everyone killed as he did in the first one. This time however, there was much more risk involved in that the killings were more openly done like the killing of Hyman Roth in the airport. Michael even had to kill his brother Fredo for turning his back on the Don and the family. Even Michael’s relationship with Kay ended as an effect of the family business.

Another thing I found it interesting was that Connie out of the blue wanted to take care of Michael and be close to the family. That scene really disturbed me because even his youngest sibling was sort of scared of Michael already. This for me is interesting because Michael ran the business differently from his father Vito. Vito gave importance to his family and this turned upside down for Michael. He lost the people in his family because of his idea of wanting to protect them. It twisted his idea of the family is the most important thing of all. I guess it gave an interesting twist to how the Corleones were in the first movie because it showed how their downfall under the lead of Michael. It had become bloodshed in and out of the family and it was hard for me to get why things had to be like that. I know Michael had to do something but it wasn’t the smartest move he made. I did not like this aspect of the film wherein it seemed like the almighty and powerful family that is the Corleones have started to drown in power and have resorted to killing everyone in the way of the family and in effect everyone wanted them down. The value of family that was one of the most important rules for Don Vito was literally not evident in the film. Michael’s idea of family was something he created himself which was the cause of his downfall.


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