Zodiac: Dead ends [090279]

22 May

I normally would not be too absorbed with murder-mystery movies, but Zodiac was truly different from all the others. Comparing it with The Lovely Bones, which poses a somewhat similar concept, Zodiac felt snappier and more on the go. The movie really made me interested about the little facts; the ones that could help put the pieces all together in order to find out who the Zodiac character really is. Other movies or shows would not have given off the same effect.

The great thing about the film is how it manages to make the viewer feel the same emotions that a certain character felt during a particular scene. I could not help but feel the frustration of the David Toschi character (Mark Ruffalo) when he almost solved the mystery, but found out that he was from doing so. It was like I just wanted it to be over, I wanted to know who it was. Since all the clues were pointing to Arthur Leigh Allen, I thought that the search was finally over and that justice will soon be served.  I could say that comparing such a scenario to similar ones found in shows like Bones, NCIS, CSI and the like, Zodiac remained ambiguous with regard to getting enough evidence and moving on to the next suspect. Since there was no other suspect as connected to the crime as Leigh was, it was only normal to believe that he was the culprit.

It was impossible to let Robert Graysmith’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) interest in the murder mystery unnoticed. Although his job as a cartoonist enabled him to know the latest news and headlines, it was not as if he could get involved directly. Even when he was not involved in all of it yet, he was already way in too deep than he would have realized.

Robert Downey Jr. sure as hell can play a cocky character such as that of Paul Avery’s. It was sad that such a confident character got lost in the mess. Perhaps too much passion can be bad after all. Of course, there is the fact that a single report/article/case can make or break a journalist.

Although the content was somewhat heavy, a little lightness was injected through the funny and witty lines and blows. It was unexpected that a serious movie such as this would even involve a hint of comedy. To break the monotony, maybe, or even the silence, probably? No complaints here though. The laughs helped to make the film enjoyable and bearable.

Robert Graysmith: We met at the movies once.
Dave Toschi: I’m sure it was magical.


Cecilia Shepard: Someone else is here.
Bryan Hartnell: It is a public park.
Cecilia Shepard: I think he’s watching us.
Bryan Hartnell: Well, we’re very good looking.
Cecilia Shepard: Where’d he go? He went behind that tree.
Bryan Hartnell: All right, so he’s taking a leak.
Cecilia Shepard: He’s coming towards us. Oh my god, he has a gun!


Paul Avery: What do you do for fun?
Robert Graysmith: I love to read.
Paul Avery: Mhmm.
Robert Graysmith: Umm, I enjoy books.
Paul Avery: Those are the same things.

Although it was a fairly long movie, I could say that it did not bore me at all. It was very gripping and each part was interesting because nothing ever stayed the same. There were highs and lows and even silence and noise. Zodiac is a murder mystery movie that manages to make the viewers “feel” for the characters.

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