Give me a blow-up of Blow-up [090279]

22 May

I have been putting off writing the journal entry for blow-up for the longest time simply because I just really do not know how to start it and I have no idea on what to say. Although other movie reviews might shed some light to somewhat clarify the complexities of the movie, I would rather stick to my own views as I find the other perspectives confusing me more than ever (reading the various interpretations about the different meanings of the various symbols in the movie seriously stressed me out =))).

Due to the lack of music, Blow-up felt like a dead movie to me. It was definitely far from the movies we see today wherein there seems to be no lack of it. In one way or another, the absence of music serves as a tool to make the audience totally engrossed in what is happening in the scenes. More often than not, the presence of music can distract or even mislead others with regard to following the plot.

Probably one of the things that caught my attention was the transition of the antagonist from being a douche-y character (if I may be allowed to say so) to a less irritating one (I refer to him as less irritating since he did not necessarily become all too lovable even towards the end =)) he changed for the better in one way or another, nonetheless.). Prior to discovering the murder he caught in his photos, he seems a bit detached with his photography. It was simply business, a job. After the incident, however, it seemed more important to him. He had been attached to his photos once more. The crime was new to him. Being a fashion photographer was far from being somewhat of a “photojournalist”. He had seen something that others normally would not. The blow-ups of the photos accidentally unravelled a crime.

There were a lot of scenes which really bothered me. Some of them are last few frames that focused on the mimes and their invisible and mute tennis game. There was also his first trip to the antique shop, as well as the appearance of the 2 teenage girls. I did not really want to think too much about them as I watched the movie since everything was ultimately an utter blur in my head at that point in time. I just saw them as distractions to the main point of the story.

The thing I liked most about the movie is its ability to lure one into believeing that a certain thing is going to happen, but it does not necessarily do so. The ending is sort of leaves everyone hanging (not just sort of, in my case) since it does not really imply whatever happened to everyone involved in the crime and if the crime will ever be solved. Everything is kept uncertain and open ended. What a completely frustrating movie Blow-up is. No matter how hard I try to understand what I have seen, there are still a lot of things left unsolved in my brain. Perhaps a second, third, or even fourth viewing is in order.

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