J’aime Paris, je t’aime [090279}

22 May

Paris, je t’aime is definitely one of my favorites from all of the films that were shown in class. Overall, I think that the movie is great because of its variety and unpredictability.  The fact that there are 20 segments and a different set of directors and actors for each was truly an amazing idea. Not only was it refreshing, but it was also captivating in a sense that the whole movie did not feel so much of a drag. Each segment is totally different from the other, but all are bound together by LOVE and of course, the location of each one, the city of love: PARIS.  I think that the five minutes allotment per segment was sufficient enough. In a way, such a restriction with regard to time serves as a measure as to the quality and effectiveness of each of the stories, as well as the direction and acting skills of the various characters. The time limit posed as a challenge: that being whether each segment will be able to show the concept of love – whether it is newly found, merely blooming, or even slowly fleeting— in the most creative way possible, add to that without being overly cliché. I was very surprised to see that not all the episodes were caught up in the idea of romantic love. In a way, I was thankful for that since I would not want to see just another version of Valentine’s Day or something with a similar theme/concept/whatchamacallit.  The movie was a smorgasbord of love in its every sense. I could not really explain how I felt after watching the movie since it managed to present and make the viewers feel a wide array of emotions.  Paris, je t’aime actually made me think about Pecha-kucha (as well as the fast approaching deadline for the pair project :|). Come to think of it, they are of very similar ideas. A certain amount of time is set in order to avoid losing the attention and interest of the audience. This, in my opinion, was very played well by the film.

It is normal, however, that not all the vignettes will please everyone. I, for one, did not really like the episode with the couple in the graveyard: Pere Lachaise (the one with Oscar Wilde, or better yet, his ghost). I just think that there are a lot of inconsistencies, as what have been mentioned in class during the last meeting. There is also the one about the sales representative of some hair product. I felt really confused while watching that one. Some of my favorites would be: 1) Loin du 16eme (the one with the nanny/mother), 2) Place des Fetes (the one with the man who was stabbed) 3) Fauborg Saint- Denis (Natalie Portman and the blind guy) – I found the presentation style really nice and creative 4) Tuileries (metro) – it was just too funny 5) 14eme arrondissement (one with the lady narrating in French) – it was sad but also hopeful 6) Bastille (lady in red trench coat) – almost made me cry. There is just too many to mention. All of the vignettes were nice in their own way. In conclusion, I really loved I felt that we could not have ended the course with a better film 🙂

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