Paris, je t’aime

22 May

Paris, je t’aime, being an anthology film, makes for a very fitting film to end the sem. Having spent the entire sem analyzing different films, looking at the different aspects in which they were similar and different from each other, I think Paris, je t’aime was a good way to sum up the semester. It was especially interesting for me because it was the first of its kind that I’ve seen and my first time learning about anthology films as well. Only finding out what this meant after viewing the film, I actually kind of want to watch it again just to see if I notice any more recurring themes that might tie the 18 short films together.

I also appreciated how the film was incredibly easy to watch. Moving from one story to the next every five minutes left no room in the film for dragging parts. This was especially good in contrast to The Godfather Part 2, which is a movie that I love but is extremely long.

There were a couple of shorts in Paris je t’aime that stood out more than the others, first of which was the second, about the 3 guys talking about sex and women. I especially liked this one cause it sort of felt like a French version of American Pie. I also liked the one about the Spanish woman singing to the babies. I liked how it wasn’t too sad but wasn’t not sad enough either. I don’t know why, but it felt like it was a downer but a sort of good, well-placed one – it didn’t kill the mood but instead felt like a good break from the crazy and funny from the shorts before it. I feel the same about the short wherein the husband plans on leaving his wife until he finds out that she is terminally ill. It was good seeing this after the one I previously mentioned as it ended a bit more hopefully than the other did. I also liked the short with Nick Nolte just cause it was a single continuous shot, which usually catches my attention. I also liked the Natalie Portman short as it was an interesting idea – a love story about a girl and a blind man, which isn’t exactly common. I also think Natalie Portman was perfectly cast for this one because of how someone as attractive as her was paired with a blind man. I think this made the love story more as well as them as a couple more likeable.

There were also a couple of strange ones, some of which too strange for my taste. I wasn’t able to appreciate the vampire short with Elijah Wood because it felt out of place because of how different it was. Another weird one was the one with the guy who felt that the other guy was his soulmate. It’s not very strange in its entirety as the payoff is in the ending where it is explained that the other guy didn’t speek French, I just think I wasn’t able to appreciate it because of how mystery was built up like that just for that ending.

There were more good ones than bad however, and because of this I liked Paris, je t’aime as a whole. It’s a very light film which is both enjoyable and easy to watch.

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