Paris Truly is The City of Love (063874)

22 May

The film, being the last one shown for the class, was definitely a light film and a very well appreciated film. it was so much different than the other films and was very enjoyable to watch amongst the other films which mindfucked me.

This was a 16 part anthology, and i absolutely love anthologies. i also love short stories, romantic comedies, and clips where one can just “guess what happens next”, or something like that. I absolutely loved this film because it gives me viewpoint of many different people situated in one city of love.

Based on the title of the film, anyone would expect the film to be about love between two lovers, but I, for one, was gravely mistaken. Yes, a lot of stories were about textbook romances in the making, yet a lot of the stories devoid on different aspect of love which in my opinion, we will all have in out lives. Me, being a viewer of films, and being one in my early 20s, have experienced, and am experiencing a love between me and another person whom i share a personal connection to. but besides this, i, or most of us, do not take into account, that we have been loved by others who may be underserving of our love, that love us unconditionally, who we love and the other sense of what we call love. Paris Je Taime covers a lot of what we should know as love, starting with the love of parent to child, which I think is one of the most purest forms of love there is.

The clip with the couple in Oscar Wilde’s grave was very memorable to me because I too have experienced some form of misunderstanding very similar to what the couple experienced, but as they solved their problem with understanding, I too have overcome my own relationship obstacles. i remember when the girl said “I can’t marry you” and “you don’t have lightness”, which was both very selfish, but very misunderstood. At that moment, there was a very wide gap between the engaged couple, where one sought security, but the other sought emotion. I just thought it was unfair that the guy had to give in, and all because the ghost of a popular gay guy told him to do so.

one other film which i thought was interesting was the last story, where the lady alone visited Paris. it was obvious that she was involve with Paris, but it was also evident that she was very much alone in the world, with only so few to count on – not much friends, no lover – a totally independent person in a different light. Strange for me, though, that in a situation where she should be sad and lonely, she showed no hint of being sad and only stared with wonder and awe that Paris had to offer her. She was in love with Paris, and she was sure that Paris was in love with her.

Paris Je Taime gives us a very wide viewpoint of love at different places, in different times, of different people, to different things. The movie was very good in transitioning one story to the other. the short films, being open-ended, looked as if the films were still continuing as the next one started. I mean, if the titles of the next film were not shown at the start of every story, i would have though everything was one big continuing sequence. I would like to even think that all of the 16 stories wer happening simultaneously, in a period of a day – which is a representation of all the things that can happen within a day’s span of time. we can see that love is a many-faced thing, and i think the film Paris Je Taime encompassed it well.

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