The Godfather Part 2: Epic (063874)

22 May

The Godfather 2 is, and I think I speak up for most people, miles apart from the first Godfather film. As its namesake, this film is the sequel to the Godfather – continuing the reign of the new Don Corlione, Micheal. As far as the movie as a whole is concerned, i really liked watching it.

Now let me list down some of the more noticeable differences and what I think about them. first of all, as the first Godfather focuses on the Corlione family’s subtle downfall, the second film looks at its rise in power, other in Michael’s story and Don Vito’s. in relation to this, the second Godfather juxtaposes both the stories of Don Vito, and Michael. The second film was also gives us a broader view of their world, a lot of new characters, and lot of interlocking shorelines, whereas the first Godfather focused in one somewhat more linear storyline. besides the second Godfather being extremely long, there was so much going on everywhere, probably too much.

Let me focus on the two stories that were juxtaposed in the movie: The movie shows snippets of the early life of Don Vito, to his rise in power. The genius between slipping in his story to the main story is that we get to compare how Don Vito worked and How Micheal worked. Whereas Don Vito’s rise in power was proportional to his rise as a good family man. Michael’s story was exactly the opposite – as his power as a Mafia leader grows, his family suffers (Kay left him, Anthony has a problem he did not want to address, freedo was had killed) and i’m also guessing everyone feared him more than respected him.

What kept me uneasy about the second film is the way the characters develop. after seeing the first Godfather film, and after looking at the back story of don Vito, i would have imagined an italian family, and the Corlione family at that, to be all about family – that the family is everything, and family will do anything to protect each other. Yet the second film creeped me out because all the stories were in knots now, and I did not know who was going to betray who. I did not know who was going to kill who. And most of all, Michael looked as of he was becoming so cold-hearted that I was scared that he’d even kill Fredo, a member of his own family – his brother no less – which he disowned. AND HE DID. That was the most disturbing parts of the movie, for me, for one to kill his own family, when we could have imagined the father (Don Vito) doing all in his power to forgive and forget the wrongdoing of the son.

I was also guessing that after the loss of Don Vito, things started to go downhill for the family. Michael tried to be the pillar of support for the family, but just ended up being obsessed as the “businessman” that he though he was doing the right thing, at all the wrong expenses. If don Vito were still there nothing like this would have happened, or maybe Micheal would even have him killed off as well if they didn’t see eye to eye the way Michael is now.

Like the first Godfather film, during Michael’s takeover as the don, it’s unbelievable that these movies incorporate so much religion into it, while they themselves desecrate every single religious undertaking, like the destruction of Michael and Kay’s wedding, the all the killings, especially of one own’s family, etc.

After watching the second film, a lot of holes have been left out. the very first thing I thought after being devastated about Fredo’s death, was “what will happen to Anthony?” This leaves me thinking that I wanted to have another installment of the Godfather films, if there wasn’t any sequel. For me, things are only getting started, and I really want to know what will happen to the remaining characters. With this, I have to say: I’m going to watch the 3rd one!

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