Paris, je t’aime

23 May

For me, Paris, Je T’aime is an emotional rollercoaster of a movie. I liked the way it continuously stimulated my emotions while I was watching it the first time. As an anthology of short movies about love made by twenty different directors, I think the movie did a good job in satisfying me despite the lack of certain story elements such as plot and character development. Like I said, the film was successful in giving me the full range of emotions that film viewers like me often want to get from romantic movies. Also, the fact that this anthology is made by various directors gives each segment variety and uniqueness , which makes the film not boring in spite of using clichéd cheesy moments.

In terms of narration, I think the editors of the film did a good job to create a sense of discontinuity between each segment with its use of sound. The music played at the beginning of each short film effectively set the tone of its segment, completely disregarding the atmosphere create in the previous segment. I think this is a crucial factor to consider in analyzing this film since each segment included in the anthology has a different atmosphere from one another so signifying the transition between each film prevents them from overlapping one another.

As for the movie’s camera works, I already expected that the different directors would use different camera techniques in their short films. Aside from giving variety, it also enhanced the ability of each segment to stimulate emotions. For instance, the jump cuts used in the tourist segment (the one with Steve Buscemi) made that scene weird, but fun at the same time. Another example would be the tracking shot used in the segment in which the father talks to his daughter in a dark street. The tacking shot made the scene more adventurous as if the characters are plotting to do something that not commonly done.

In terms of the actors’ portrayal of their roles, I think they did a good job in fully expressing their characters given the short span of time allotted to their segment in the anthology. Even without plot and character development, the way the characters were expressed did not give me  the feeling of lack that I expected before I watched the film. This is probably because the characters were already cliché enough for me and there’s nothing too unusual about them so they didn’t really need character development for me. Instead of focusing on the characters, this made me focus more on the interactions happening in each segment, which is really what’s needed for a movie that’s main purpose is to stimulate emotions related to love.

I also liked the movie’s ending in which the characters from different short films are shown to be connected with one another in the city of Paris. The last scene gave sense to the anthology’s title, “Paris, Je T’aime”, since all the characters were in the city of Paris and were each experiencing a different face of love.

Overall, I think Paris, Je T’aime is a very good film if one just wants to experience the various emotions of love without going through the usual formula used in romantic films.

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