23 May

Personally, Spider is not the type of movie I would like to watch during my free time. It’s one of those psychological thriller movies which it requires me to pay attention to the details and really think through what’s going on so that I won’t get lost in the middle of it. Movies like Spider needs to be watched more than once to get a firm grip on its story. Fortunately, Spider provides closure at its ending unlike movies such as Inception. Although I’m ranting about how difficult it is for me to watch Spider, I must admit that I enjoyed the film, but I’m pretty much sure that I won’t be watching it again because doing so would ruin the memorable experience I’ve had seeing it the first time.

Spider is a movie that takes its viewers inside the mind of a mentally disturbed person. The first scene, in which Spider gets off the train in a different manner, immediately gave me the impression that something’s unusual with this character. My suspicion was verified in the scene where Spider walks in a street with glass windows in one camera angle and then all the windows became concrete in the next shot. Basically, the movie is about Spider trying to recall his childhood after spending some time in a mental institution for reasons revealed during the course of the film. The film has lots of disturbing scenes that really shook my emotions and made me feel blessed with whatever is currently going on in my life.

Being a psychological thriller, I think the director and the actors made a good job in creating the film’s dark gloomy atmosphere. I do, however, want to complain about the film’s lack of emphasis with regards to the flashback scenes since it is too hard to determine them apart from the present reality of the plot. Although the film used symbols, such as the progress of the gas cylinder, to show the story’s timeline, it was still hard for me to differentiate the past and the present since I thought these symbols were just created by Spiders imagination when I first saw them.

One of the things I really liked about Spider is how it was able to trick me by concealing the film’s major plot twist at the end, which involves Spider’s mother figure.  Minor plot twists, such as the fact that Spider is only imagining his father’s adultery, didn’t really surprised me at all since it’s quite obvious early on. I was actually bored at the middle of the film since I was thinking I have figured it all out already and I’m just waiting the final credit to come. (SPOILER ALERT) The major plot twist at the end, however, was really a mindf*ck for me since I wasn’t really paying attention to the mother and the mistress’ face because the actress’ did a really good acting job to convince me that both characters were portrayed by different actresses.

Overall, I think Spider is a great film if one wants to escape from reality and have a good time being lost in whatever he’s watching. I wouldn’t recommend Spider, however, to a regular film viewer since they wouldn’t really appreciate the film without thinking too much about it.

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