V for Vendetta

23 May

For me, V for Vendetta is a so-so movie. It’s a good movie, but not really a memorable one for me. This could be because I consider it as a rip-off of Fight Club, which is one of my all-time favorites. I didn’t like the fact that V for Vendetta is heavily driven by its storyline even if it positions itself as an ideological movie. However except for the movie’s ideas, I think the movie in itself is worth watching.

Like I said, I didn’t really like the ideas being communicated by the movie. All the ideas within the film are too clichéd already. In general, the film’s hero, V, simply wants to remove the passivity of the masses when it comes to societal issues that are being neglected to maintain social order. The film just shows evidences that supports V’s claim without developing the idea into something more unique and original. So instead of reinforcing the idea, I believe the film simply focused on V’s character and how he came to be who he is and what drives him to do what he does.

However, this is to be expect for a mainstream film such as this since it targets almost everybody. And almost everybody is passive when it comes to concepts like these so I guess this justifies the lack of depth found within the film’s ideas.

As for the development of the character V, I think the movie did a good job in making his presence felt all throughout the movie even though he’s seldom shown in the scenes. It’s as if his character transcended throughout the movie. Every act of deviance made by other characters reminded me of V.

Aside from V, Evey is another interesting character in the movie. Her character sort of acted as a bridge towards the viewers since we could easily sympathize with her given that she’s an ordinary citizen being oppressed by the dictatorship. Other than that, I think she’s just used as a tool to show that V still has his human side.

The movie is narrated in a typical mainstream fashion; there’s nothing too unusual about it. I do like, however, the cross-cutting being made whenever someone is giving a speech. I created in me a sense of dialogue between the speaker and the listener, which is a good way to develop the characters of both sides. I also like how the close up shots made me listen attentively as if the speeches were being delivered by someone I highly regard. Also, the musical score in the movie did a good job in setting the tone of gripping scenes such as the blowing up of parliament.

Overall, I think V for Vendetta may disappoint a few who are looking for fresh and radical ideas about the world. Generally speaking however, the film is entertaining and enjoyable to watch compared to most films. The movie still passes every textbook qualification of a good movie.

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