Paris Je t’aime

24 May

Paris is one of the best cities in the world with its numerous tourist attractions and wonderful and every so interesting culture. This film includes many of Paris’ arrondisements each having a different feel may it be the place itself, the people, or how life is lived.

Paris has so much to offer to the people. And what I liked about this film is that it showed a whole lot more than just the cheesy romance we often see in flicks like this. It had depth. It was not any typical romantic film you see. And the best part here is that the stories are not all portrayed to happen in real life. Some are meant to hit you indirectly.

The scene in the train station wherein a tourist was sitting across a couple being sweet and all over each other simply wanted to show that staring is impolite. Staring might get you into trouble. The scene wherein three friends were hanging out near the Seine river checking out the ladies who passed by. The friends were taunting the women who passed by and tried hitting on them without respect. This showed that I guess that even if there are lots of types of people in Paris, race and beliefs, people should still treat everyone with respect and consideration.

I believe this film was a light and right last movie to end our class. Given that most of the films we watched in class were heavy, I liked that sir picked this not only because I have seen and enjoyed the movie before, but because it was just a film that would make you smile after you watch it.

I always wanted to go Paris and I wish someday I will have the chance to fulfill that dream of mine. This film showed Paris in an enjoyable way—though some of the scenes may have struck fear like the Paris metro. Nevertheless, Paris will always be the city of love.

It’s actually hard to put meaning to what love really is. No one can say what love is. Love will always be a mystery for people. There is not definite meaning because it is shown through different means. For a lot of people love is caring for others. For some love is letting go. For some love can be achieved through loving someone new after being broken. There is a lot of meanings for love. And this film presented it through reality and fantasy—in the city of Paris. The film was simple. It had a different message for each of the places in the city. There are different characteristics for each and different people who live and act in them. However there is always a common denominator and that is love for whoever is in the story. There is always and aspect of love. May it be for your old love, your new love, your child, your job, your religion. Love will always be there no matter what. And even a blind person will see that love can do so much for people.

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