The Godfather I

24 May

This is one of the best films I have seen all time. The main thing I enjoyed in the movie was that it had so much character. In a film where the main plot revolves around one powerful family, there was already a lot to look at. The Don, whose main goal and focus is to do clean, right and honorable business and on top of that is to have love and respect for family, was being envied by his fellow leaders.

The Godfather is one hell of a film because there was so many things to see in it. I know it only revolved around the Corleones but for me it is a better film to watch than the sequel. I liked how Vito always wanted his favored youngest son, Michael not to be part of the family business yet the events leading to the attack of the don’s life still made Michael the successor.

It was somehow expected I guess because I knew Al Pacino was a known actor even before I watched this film—so somehow I had an idea that he might be chosen as the Godfather. It was maybe just a matter of how or when he’ll be chosen.

Nevertheless it was quite exciting each time I watch the scene wherein Michael visited the hospital and saw there were no guards. It was amazing how he had so much courage when he and a friend of their family’s stood outside the hospital as one car drove by to supposedly kill Vito. It’s really nerve-wrecking. But I always pitied Tom because he was always left out. I felt bad for him because he always had good intentions but always had no say in whatever the family had to say or decide. They always mentioned that he had always been a good brother to them or a good son to Vito but it was never reflected on the things happening. For me I guess they did not stay true to what they claimed. Another thing is the idea of family, which was always emphasized in this film. I admired how all of them had a good idea of what it is to love and stay loyal to one’s family and roots. They always put the family first and made it known that their family, the Corleones are never to be messed with. This though took an unlikely turn in the sequel wherein treachery and deceit had seeped into the minds of the people involved in the family business.

I also liked how the film was shot. There was always simple camera movement that gave the film a very serious tone. There was less of it and it had an effect on me that made me focus more on the things I am seeing in front of me. I can’t speak for everyone in the class but I believe this and also the music was very apt. I know that the music for it was entirely Godfather music already but I just have to emphasize it more.

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