24 May

Zodiac is a film I don’t like because of its story. Aside from that however, I do appreciate the effort done by its creators in doing a good job by making it a great film to watch.

The movie is a crime drama/thriller that revolves around the Zodiac killings that occurred in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It tells the story of how the police and the media dealt with killings and publicity stunts made by the Zodiac Killer.   The story focuses on three central characters (the news writer, the cartoonist and the police inspector) as they try to solve the mystery behind Zodiac’s identity. The movie just tells all the futile attempts made by the main characters giving its viewers an endless array of pseudo-climaxes that made the film feel dragging especially since it’s a two and a half-hour long film.

One of the main things about the movie’s story that I didn’t like is the character development it used on the three major roles. Just like Velvet Goldmine, the constant shift in focus on the characters made the film look unorganized for me especially since I was hoping for some sort of continuity within the character’s development, which most movies normally have. This made me feel a bit disappointed at how the movie ended especially since it only used text to give closure to the characters. After thinking about this, however, I began to realize that the developers of the story did quite a good job considering the very long time span of the Zodiac case in our history.

Another issue I have with the movie is the inconsistent representation of the Zodiac character whenever he kills his victims. In one scene he’s a macho buff guy and in another he is wearing glasses. Another would be the muscle car used by Zodiac in one scene that reappeared in another separate scene as if hinting that the main characters are already close at solving the crime. I really hated instances like these because they gave me the false impression that the characters are going somewhere even though they really don’t make progress at all. It is as if the movie deceives its viewers just to make the film more exciting for a true to life story. The creators of the movie should have just created a fictional story inspired by the Zodiac case instead of adding fictional details to real life events.

One thing that must be noted about Zodiac is the numerous gripping scenes it gives its viewers during the course of the film. Like I said, the film has so many pseudo-climaxes that kept me entertained with the movie in spite of the issues I have with its story. I really loves the way these pseudo-climaxes heightened my senses of for while and made me anticipate the resolution of the Zodiac case. Everything within these scenes seem to fit together perfectly for a great heart-pounding event in a thriller movie. I really hated it though when the excitement begins to drizzle off as the movie continues on as if these gripping scenes were not really important for the film’s ending.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed after I watched the film, but I’m pretty much sure I had fun while I was watching it.

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