24 May

I always wanted to watch this movie but never got to. At last the moment came and I would say I am a bit disappointed after watching it.

It did not seem to be a long movie but it had a long story. I usually check my watch to see how long I have been watching already but during this movie, I didn’t. I guess the movie had me on the edge of my seat for most parts. It had me thinking who the serial killer was—and why was he so good in hiding his identity.  But when I thought about it, it was a really long watch. I know the movies was almost three hours long much like any lord of the rings movie but to realize that wow I have been watching this movie for that long only? It felt like I have been watching for so long and I felt it more after. I felt tired and exhausted from thinking. I guess I can say I was disappointed because the movie was so tiring to watch as compared to his other film which I enjoyed, Fight Club.

I am not saying I did not like the movie. I enjoyed watching it and I do not remember thinking that this movie is boring or what. I was trying to pick up the pieces as Robert and David Toschi were doing so. But nothing made sense until very late in the film.

Despite my disappointment, one thing that made me want to watch this movie was because it was directed by David Fincher who directed Fight Club, Se7en, Panic room to name a few of his films that I have watched. He really knows how to make you think. He knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat. However I would say that Zodiac was not up to par as Fight Club and the other two I mentioned mainly because of the long storyline.

The movie made me realize that even before, there were a lot of dangerous people already. We cannot be naïve into thinking we are safe because of the police or whoever is there to protect us. It is scary that we are individuals living in a world with other individuals. What I mean by this is that we live alone, as one person. At times we have to think for our own and most of the time decide on our own. Who is to say you are making the right one though? It is though living today. Moreover living in the world now where everything is fast and things will even get faster—things have advanced and people I guess are smarter and more capable of causing danger.

I may have been overthinking on this but the movie I would say was effective in that it did make me think about the bad things about this world. It made me wonder how is it that there are people who can kill and why. There is no explanation for it. No one has and will ever understand what runs in the mind of these serial killers. That is even scarier—that no one will know.


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