Blessing from The Godfather (090102)

25 May

The Godfather can be considered as the godfather of all crime-mafia family films that ever and will be to exist. I now consider this film as one of my most favorite movies of all time together with Schindler’s List and Clockwork Orange. I consider this film as a masterpiece, a diamond in the archives of the greatest films that have ever made. I really admired the characters of this film and how well they were portrayed by their actors from Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Richard S. Castellano, Robert Duvall, Sterling Hayden, John Marley, Richard Conte and Diane Keaton, all of them have done well enough to show an emotional Italian crime family. The awards received by this film are all worth it, even all the doubts, conflicts and controversies in the pre-production process, especially its casting.

The Italian American Corleone crime family has now been immortalized because of this film. In my opinion, even though it sounds so wrong, this movie paid tribute to the highly influenced and admired mafia power hungry families. This film shows these kinds of families in a different light, showing the Corleone family not as a threatening family to be afraid of at first but a family that only needs protection from the outside and from them. Somehow they are only victims of people, who want to have the same power, influence, and dominance that they have, as well as their money. They wanted support and affiliation from the Corleone family, and by not granting them that kind of privilege, they tried to put the family down to the ground through various assassination attempts, both successful and unsuccessful in some events.

Thus with these events, consequences of these are now, therefore inevitable. Revenge must be made, reconciliation is somehow impossible to be done for those who inflicted pain to them, and indeed they sentenced them with their own system of justice and karma in their own hands. In the end, the Corleone got their last laugh in the expense of several of their loved ones murdered, battered, and bruised and the change in Michael Corleone’s character from a civilian member of the Corleone crime family to the new Godfather. The transition of Michael’s character can be seen as the darkest plot in the film, a change from better to worst, someone so innocent turning to someone so dark, merciless, and evil, a pure heart being stained by the evil’s surrounding and influencing him.

This film tackles a lot regarding morality, relationships, trust, faith, and humanity. The film being dark all throughout, showing the consequences of too much power, luxury, influence, and status, it certainly tells us that money cannot buy everything and it cannot bring back the lives of the people killed because of it.

Here we can see that family is still the most important thing among the characters, every member is responsible for each other, everyone must be have the same security and protection, and if it is necessary, one should sacrifice himself for the family to be spared.

Indeed The Godfather is a bittersweet story that is both admirable yet heartbreaking.

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