Blow-Up (071289)

25 May

If someone asks me what’s the worst movie I have ever watched, this movie comes to my mind.

I never had a worst movie (you can check my account). I honestly don’t want to have one. I always try to find something to like about a movie whether it’s the way an actor’s hair looks, how a single frame was shot or even the intro or credits design. Almost everyday since we watched Blow-Up in class I’ve been trying to remember the movie in detail and find at least one thing to like about it. (I guess this is the reason why it took me so long to write this blog entry.)

I give up. I hate this movie. For 6 weeks I’ve been trying to like this movie but it’s just not happening. Finally had the courage to say it. Moving on now.

Blow-up was a hard film to watch. It doesn’t stick to the point and has a lot of distractions and unnecessary scenes. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT PROPELLER. The pacing of the movie is so weird and it seems to give emphasis to the most unusual and unimportant parts. If the minimal dialogue and lack of music was to be compensated visually, yeah… well… okay fine.

Similar to La Jetee, Blow-Up shows the wonders of black and white photography and similar to Spider it presents the vagueness of reality and what is and what isn’t really there. This movie shows how we tend to blow-up and overanalyze things. I still don’t know if the murder in the movie really happened but I’ve been forcing myself to believe that it did because if it didn’t, the movie won’t have a point and it wouldn’t make sense. I also tried to find some personal attachment to the movie but it was a hard film to watch with it’s uncanny scenes and weird pacing which makes me somehow think that it doesn’t want the viewers to get attached to it.

The only thing I could relate to is the main character and his life as a photographer. Photographers like to create their own realities with their photographs. I find this ironic because photographers are the people that could accurately record reality. But instead they use their art to escape reality. In the scene where the main character of Blow-up literally blows up his images and overanalyzes them, I couldn’t help but feel sad for the main character because in that scene I realized that his life is so boring that he’s forcing himself to see the dead man and the shooter in the photographs just so he could have something interesting in his life. That is also the reason why I’ve been forcing myself also to believe in the murder in the movie as sympathy for the main character.

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