Blow-up is a Letdown [Blow-up] (103461)

25 May

This film is definitely different,
of that i’m sure.  Most films tend to
follow a particular set structure. For instance, action flicks always pits the
hero against insurmountable odds but in the end he inevitably shoots the
villain in the head (or something similar to that). Chick flicks always begin
with tragedy only for love find a way to conquer the day. Blow-up however, is
an enigma. It’s story-telling is so radical that I am incapable of appreciating
it for I am but a mere mortal and not some sort of artistic supergenius.

What makes Blow-up so unconventional
is the fact that the sequence of events that occur in it are so akin to real
life. We are so used to films that are capable of temporary suspension of
disbelief that we do not know how to react when somebody portrays the opposite.

From the first scene to the last,
it seems that the director wanted us to experience the boring bland life of
some particular dude, with no divine intervention or conspiracy of any sort. There
is also no music present in the film unless the scene actually literally portrays
music playing such as the time a record player was used and the brief moment
that a band was playing onstage. This adds to the realistic depiction of a very
routine life since in real life music does not play spontaneously, even though
we all probably wish it did. Even the event of stumbling across a possible
murder, something that doesn’t happen very often, is deemed plausible because
the body was no longer present afterwards and is never encountered or mentioned

The protagonist seems to be a
nihilist as he is detached from emotion and is dispassionate in his work. His
only true means of communication would be his camera as without it he would be
powerless. He appears to be famous and he is frequently arrogant and abuses many
of the models that he is hired to photograph. There is no doubt in my mind that
he was not meant to be admired by the audience. He also appears to be very
interested in the evidence included in the blow-up as it is something that is
out of his reach or comprehension.

Strangely enough, plenty of the
scenes are also pretty out of this world. He had a menage a trois with those wannabe models from earlier on. He
witnesses his friend engaging in intercourse with some guy, possibly her husband.
It’s possible that events such as those are considered normal during those
times as evidenced by the drug-fuelled party in his friend’s house. He also
hears a fake tennis match near the end which could signify some sort of enlightenment
on his part.

I have absolutely no idea what sort
of message this movie is trying to get across, or even if there is a message at
all. Perhaps it was trying to tell us that there are many questions in life and
that most of the time they are left unanswered. Or it might be saying that we
should all try to look at life from a different perspective or from a magnified
point of view in order to see the details that would otherwise escape us. Maybe
it just wanted to be different from other films so that it would stand out. To
be honest I hated the film because it lacked any sort of depth or meaning and I
think that anybody who argues otherwise is just trying to sound smart. Similar
to abstract art, this film is open to interpretation but more likely than not,
it is just some crude garbage made by a ten year old and it pisses me off that
such things are able to win accolades and actually gain an income.

Overall, the film is interesting
and annoying at the same time. For all of you out there who make a habit of
finding a deeper meaning when in reality there really isn’t, i would recommend
you to watch Blow-up. Just once though, watching it more than that might risk lowering
your IQ.

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