Blown Up Blow Up : Blow Up 1966 [092805]

25 May

I did not hate the film. That much, I could say. As the first film shown in class, I am not sure if it was a good idea. However, I am somewhat thankful for watching this particular film because recently, I am happy to say that I have been watching and appreciating older films. I used to do this a lot when I was younger, but many things got in the way. Now, back to Blow Up.

There are a number of elements in the film that amused me, excited me and left me confused. Many times in the film, I found myself thinking to myself, “What the hell is happening?” There were so many dead spots. Awkward silences. At first, I made it one of the reasons why I didn’t like the film. Dead air. After watching a couple of other old films, however, I realized that it couldn’t be helped. Back then, there were no audiovisual effects whatsoever. If there were, they were very minimal. Because of this realization, I immediately scratched it out of my list of the reasons why I didn’t like Blow Up. However, there were a number of weird sequences and what I didn’t like was the fact that sometimes, I felt like I was wasting my time because of scenes that seemed irrelevant. Some scenes in the film, such as the one with the two models who so desperately wanted him to photograph them, really seemed unnecessary because I feel that his role as the cold, famous photographer had already been established during the other scenes with the other models. In addition to that, the two models really did not contribute to the plot of the film in any way. Except maybe, leave me even more puzzled. Another scene that later on made me think was the propeller scene. He seemed so fascinated by it which made me think that it had an important part in the movie. Finding out that he really just wanted it in his home, and seeing that he did not make use of it during the movie at any time, made me want to throw something at the screen because again I thought to myself, “HUH?”

The plot of the film was interesting. Not just because it was a different, and as sir mentioned in class, not much of a plot. As I said, as a viewer, I found myself feeling all of these emotions. I think that if a movie was capable of making me feel these emotions, it must be somewhat, a good one, even if it was confusing.

Blow Up may have been difficult to watch because of the way the film was put together. I really liked the idea of the photographer witnessing a murder through the blown up photographs he took earlier in the day. It really is an exciting plot, if you think about it. Honestly, when I realized what was happening, I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for what was to happen next. The reason why I feel some people cannot appreciate the film is because of what they expect to happen in the film. As what was mentioned in class, expectations get in the way of our viewing. We expect and want to see something that is not really there. Imagine, a photographer trying to solve a murder mystery… Exciting, don’t you think? But then, you are left hanging when you realize that in the end, you really are not going to find out who did it. There was to be no solution. How could you appreciate something that is left open-ended? There was no closure. It was frustrating. All of these elements about the movie made me realize that what the film does is take us away from the story and instead, it makes us focus on the elements of the film, as we so hopelessly try to grasp an understanding of it.

It is quite brilliant, if you ask me.

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