Delusion vs Reality : Spider 2002 [092805]

25 May

Schizophrenia. I find it to be such a delicate, almost too sensitive of a subject matter, especially for those who know people or actually are people going through such. To be honest, I have been putting off writing about this movie simply because of that. I am not sure if it is right for me to say that I was disturbed by the film because I myself am not sure if I really was… disturbed. Confused? Yes. So am I. However, the fact of the matter is, I think that because I feel so strongly about such, I realize that it should give screenplay writers an even bigger reason to write about such and more so, make a movie regarding such.

I guess it was yet another film that left me speechless. It was dramatic and in the end, it just made me sad. I felt so sorry for the character played by Ralph Fiennes, which I feel he portrayed quite well.

Spider is yet another supposedly great adaptation of a novel. I do not think I would want to even read the book as my imagination may just go way out of hand. I would be too freaked out. I think I was one of the people in class who literally jumped in their seats during scenes that were most appropriate to do so (there were scenes that were shocking, okay!)

The film was both psychological and dramatic. There was nothing about the film that was light. The color, the characters, the setting. Even the script, music and the way the film was made- a minimal exchange of lines and I think, close to zero music and sound effects. It was all very heavy which I feel was the entire point of the film.

Throughout most of the movie, I was at a loss. I did not know whether or not the scene Cleg was in was real. Or if it was simply a memory in the past. To be honest, it took me a while to realize what exactly was happening as the story went on. For most of the film, I found myself guessing if what was happening was actually happening in the story. I felt my jaw drop during the scene that his father killed his mother in front of him, but it dropped even more when later on in the movie, we find that the woman Spider kills is actually his mother, hence, concluding that the scene we saw earlier was a trick and simply, what Spider saw in his head. If you ask me, it was actually very exhausting trying to figure it out.

A couple of months ago, I watched a play entitled Next to Normal and it was also on schizophrenia. It carried the same elements and themes of the film such as: Schizophrenia itself, haunting memories, an exhausted family, etc. Going back, I think that the general feeling or emotion that film aims to give you is that it will leave you feeling haunted. I know I did. I do not usually feel the “aftereffect” most people feel after watching a horror film or a thriller. However, seeing and knowing that this film’s subject matter can truly happen in real life, as I said before, makes me feel just a little bit creeped out.

I think the movie revolved around Dennis Clegg and his battle with himself, and his sickness. It was definitely a difficult film to watch and I really do not like the feeling it gave me afterwards. In conclusion, I don’t think I would be watching this film again. However, I am open to talking about it. In addition to that, I must say that I believe in the film and what it can do to get people to become more aware of what some others actually deal with in reality.

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