Entertainment is Enough : Velvet Goldmine 1998 [092805]

25 May

I have a confession. Whenever sir tells us what movie we are going to watch that day, I immediately Google it just to know what to expect and what exactly I am watching. When we were told that we were to watch Velvet Goldmine that day, I was surprised and glad to see that it was somewhat an all-star cast and the movie was not that old (as compared to what we watched prior to that, Blow Up). I mean, come on, Christian Bale, Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor in one movie? How could it not be a good movie, right? I may have liked it better than Blow Up because it was quicker and more fast-paced, noisier (it IS a musical), which I like, and well, sir described it to be one that could be considered as a musical… However, I don’t think it’s a movie I will ever watch again. Maybe it was too much for me.

Personally, I am familiar with the showbiz scene, being a lover of musical theatre and having friends and family who are in the business. I know what it’s like. I don’t normally get culture-shocked, but maybe I just wasn’t prepared to see these actors act like this. I mean, come on, I see Christian Bale as a superhero. Batman. Johnathan Rhys Meyers, on the other hand, I first encountered as an aspiring rockstar and father in the beautiful movie, August Rush. I loved him in that movie. I found him both attractive and very charming. Thirdly, I saw Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge and fell in love with him and his voice instantly. Seeing these three acting their characters simply left me shocked and slightly disturbed. However, I do understand that if any actor affects you by the way he acts in a film, if you are affected in anyway, then he did a good job.

I must say that they did an amazing job in their part. I may not have liked the sexual innuendos and the stoned feel of the movie, but that’s just me. Being completely objective, they generally did a great job as actors. Also, I may not be that big of a fan of glam-rock but I can say that the soundtrack of Velvet Goldmine is pretty awesome.

I guess showing Velvet Goldmine right after Blow Up was a good call because of how different these movies are from one another. With Blow Up, there was no proper sense of closure but with Velvet Goldmine, it was more melodic and its parts fit together. I liked that it was more structured than Blow Up and there was more of a story. Its story may have been about Curt Wild, Brian Slade and Arthur Stuart in all their fame and glory, though later on, you could see how the industry consumed them: Drugs, Girls, Costumes, Make Up, Fame, Etc; it may have seemed shallow but the story on the disappearance of Slade and Arthur’s quest for him made it a better-than-expected plot nevertheless.

Like I said, it is not the kind of movie I would really love in the long run but I could say that during the time being, I was entertained by it. I liked that it was really easy to watch and it was very interesting. All the components of the film came together quite nicely and it looked like they worked hard to get it right. I am sure it involved many rehearsals and make up and glitz and glamour and I guess what I am trying to say is, it was not a boring film and I could say I appreciated it.

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