For better or for worse: The Godfather Part II

25 May

The Godfather Part II is such an amazing yet very complicated sequel to The Godfather, and if not, maybe even better.  Such praise and applause should be given once again since the movie indeed exceeds beyond expectations. The film being unbelievingly and surprisingly long is still worth a watch and should not be taken lightly since every second is a work of art. This movie, as said by most movie critics and professionals, paved the way for movie sequels.

The story, being presented in two parallel storylines talks about the rise of power of both Vito and Michael Corleone. This film glorifies crimes even more, adding drama and support in every critical decision and action done by the characters. The film being a masterpiece tells the dramatic story of both father and son and how they struggle to maintain power and influence in spite of all the complications, with all means necessary.

The story being darker than ever as to compare to the first Godfather movie, sets the mood and emotion of the movie that makes the audience feel somewhat sorry as to what happened to Michael Corleone. He is not anymore the Michael that we’ve met in the first film; he is totally different and unrecognizable.  At the end of the film, there is no other reaction for Michael but total pity, sadness, and sympathy since we’ve seen his eventual rise and upcoming fall.

But even in the greatest of films, they also have their own setbacks. The film is too complicated in the sense of it has a lot of characters together with a lot of subplots that are connected. Honestly, it’s very difficult to keep track on to what’s happening with who’s who because of a lot of things happening at the same time, even in Michael Corleone’s case.

I actually found the film very helpful in understanding the background story of Don Vito Corleone until the present who is Michael Corleone. Again, this film tackles a lot about family, relationships, business, power, influence, and money. Being a crime film as it is, it goes beyond the boundaries of morality, having siblings killing each other, a mother aborting her own child so not to be exposed to his father’s sins, and murder as an easy option to end all problems. The film is so full of violence, sacrilege, and immorality that you get this feeling of numbness already at some point if this keeps on occurring. I guess this film is such a challenge to watch but you get this great appreciation for the film even more.

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