Godfather I (071289)

25 May

The Godfather has been on the top of IMDB’s Top 250 of all time for years but was recently moved to Top 2 by The Shawshank Redemption. I’ve been hearing about this movie and how epic it is for years but I only got around to watch it last month.  When I saw this link on Tumblr I immediately downloaded and watched it. The movie is awesome and definitely a must-see. Watching it for the second time in class made it even better.

Godfather is a movie about mafias and organized crime in America. It gives a detailed picture of their lives, how they run their business, the decisions they have to make and the people they interact with.  It glamorizes their riches and criminal behavior, making you like the bad people at the end of the movie. It kind of made me want to be part of a mafia because they look so cool with all their cars, guns, money and overflowing swagger. The movie didn’t show any hesitation at all with showing the truth. It’s mystery, suspense, drama, action and romance (plus a little horror for me) in one movie. It really hooks you in even though it’s a really long movie

The movie has a simple but compelling plot. It shows how Don Vito Corleone’s son Michael achieved his crime boss status. I liked how Vito didn’t want Michael to be part of the family business but in the end he was the one who took over. I loved Sonny though. He was such a really nice brother to Michael and Connie. I’d be proud to have a brother like him. He had that confident alpha male vibe and I bet he could have been a great Godfather if he wasn’t too much of a war freak. I got sad when he died. Fredo is just ugly. The story has a lot of layers but the movie was able to weave everything in a cohesive whole. Character development is incredible especially Michael, from a nice quiet little son to a cold heartless person. You can feel it in his eyes during close-ups. Every major character and some minor ones were sculpted into deep complex individuals. Acting was exceptional especially for Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. It’s shocking to see Al Pacino at such a young age. When I hear his name I automatically see Merchant of Venice in my mind.

There were a lot of unforgettable scenes like the horse head on the bed, Connie running around the house crying, death of Apolonia in the car explosion and ofcourse Michael planning revenge and actually doing it. There were a lot of gruesome scenes that were so painful to watch and I wish I could erase them from my mind.

In terms of decor and costume, the period set and prop pieces were faithful to time. Lighting was also noteworthy. Lots of cold dark hues and low-key lighting that really fits the mood of the movie.

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