Godfather: Part 1

25 May

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about The Godfather: Part 1 before I’ve watched the movie in class so I really have very high expectations when it comes to this movie. My friends who have already watched it often tell me it’s the most badass movie ever. We even have conversations about making our own mafia family when we grow up. Having watched the film, I can really say that it’s a really great movie even if it sort of falls short from my expectation of being the greatest movie ever. This is probably because of the generation gap between me and the movie. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed the movie although most likely I won’t watch as often as want to because of its length.

The movie is about the decline a major mafia family headed by Don Vito Corleone also known as the Godfather. It shows how the Corleone Family goes through fragile times involving mafia politics. I think what makes the Godfather such a good movie about the mafia is the fact that it focuses more on the politics involved within these families instead of the usual underground crimes these families commit against the law. Although the movie is just a work of fiction, I consider it innovative since it sort of takes its viewers to the secret world of underground organized crime and the major gears that makes it work.

The movie’s story and narration is probably its strongest points compared to other movies. Although I kind of dislike the Godfather: Part 1 for being too long, it’s length is justified by how it developed its story. It seems as if everything I saw in the movie is part of a greater picture. An example of this would be the wedding scene at the beginning which is used to show the depth of an Italian family. Aside from the use of symbolisms, I also liked how the movie develops all characters by using an omniscient point of view which seems to take into account every significant details of each character. The editing of the film is so great that character development in not stalled even if some characters don’t appear on screen for a long time.

A review of Godfather: Part 1 would never be complete without complimenting on the acting job done by the actors in the film. Marlon Brando did very convincing job of portraying Vito Corleone, which gave the character its legendary status that transcends generations of movie viewers. The Godfather character really stuck to my mind even if it is present in only a few scenes. Al Pacino also did a terrific job as he portrayed the transition from a civilian to a godfather of the Michale Corleone character. It’s as if Al Pacino did different roles while retaining the significant characteristics of his character. The other characters also did a good job on their roles since I believe they were able to express their characters very well esp. the Tom Hagen and Sony Corleone character.

Overall, I think Godfather Part 1 is one of the greatest movies of all time in terms of its narration and the quality of acting it has. I would certainly rcommend it to someone who still hasn’t watched yet, but I won’t encourage others to re-watch it due to its length unless he really wants to delve deeper into the movie.

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