Godfather: Part 2

25 May

I really liked Godfather: Part 2 because of the way it remains loyal to its prequel. At first I thought this movie would disappoint me after having watched its prequel, which is a very good movie. This could be because I’m so used to being dissatisfied with movie sequels in the past such as those in the Harry Potter and Star Wars franchise. Unlike these movies, Godfather: Part 2 really feels the same as that of Godfather: Part 1. Although the narration style of this movie is different from its prequel, several movie elements such as its atmosphere and quality of acting job remains the same.

Godfather: Part 2 is about the story of how Vito Corleone rose to power and how his son dealt with the family business his death. The movie basically jumps from past to present and vice versa. Although this nonlinear narration distracted me for a while, it made the movie less boring considering the film’s length. It removed the draggy feel of Godfather: Part 1 and made the movie more eventful. I couldn’t even remember now most of the movie’s plot because of all the events that occurred throughout the movie. There are also more characters on this sequel which makes it more interesting to watch since there are more characters who have depth in them such as the young Vito.

Family is probably the major theme of this movie. What’s ironic about this is that the movie tells how the Corleone Family established itself in America and how it began to fall apart during Michael’s reign as the godfather. The movie did a good job applying symbols for this film without making it too forced and obvious like that of V for Vendetta.

Like in its prequel, the actors in this movie did a very good job in portraying their characters. The terrific use of their body language brought more depth to their characters in the movie. Al Pacino, for instance, effectively showed the inner conflict between his character’s job and family through his movement within the film.

Another thing I liked about this movie is its use of sound to set the tone for the two stories within the movie. A more calm and relaxed music is played on the young Vito scenes made the atmosphere more adventurous s the characters rise to power. On the other hand, music played on the Michael Corleone scenes made created a tense and heavy atmosphere intensifying the power struggles within the film. If not for the good use of sound in this movie, the film would have been confusing since there would be no emphasis on the discontinuity of the scenes as it goes from one timeline to the other.

Overall, I think Godfather: Part 2 is better than its prequel. I could even watch it on its own even without watching part 1 of the trilogy. It could stand on its own and it does not give its viewers the redundant feel given by other movie sequels, which really justifies Best Picture award given to this film.


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2 responses to “Godfather: Part 2

  1. greggyyu

    25 May 2011 at 10:34 pm

    I really think that one could watch The Godfather part 2 before the the first one. The feel of Godfather 2 having all the back stories makes it seem like it can stand out on it’s own, and the first Godfather film is there to fill in the blanks.

    • enaescanan

      25 May 2011 at 10:50 pm

      I agree! I was wondering about this earlier this afternoon. I wanna meet a person who watched the Part II first before the Part I.


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