Gritty Glam Rock

25 May

A film about glam rock, sex, and the perils of fame would prepare the audience for a wild, colourful ride that would bring them to a magical world of these strange characters. In terms of dialogue, this film does not disappoint. Easily my most favourite element, the script is grandiose due to the choice of words. The line, “The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history” is not something that falls off the tip of the tongue. Yet this was uttered at a most spontaneous moment; a tender moment, a private moment.

Curt Wild and Brian Slade are two rock stars in love with their music, their audience and each other. Facing the judgment of society and restrictions of some call of morality, they surge on with what they want to do. I know that the film tried to follow Iggy Pop’s image with Curt Wild, I can’t help but only see the striking image of Kurt Cobain with his scruffy jeans, long blonde hair, and constant smoking. I only found out about Iggy Pop after researching on the film. As I was watching the movie, I was picturing Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. Pairing these two rock icons representing two different facets of the music revolution would have been very interesting. I viewed it as a marriage of grunge and glam, clashing with each other and forming this vulnerable yet strong unit of pain, love, and self-expression. I was slightly disappointed to discover that it was Iggy Pop’s image after all and not the self-destructive, angsty, and suicidal Cobain.

The fantasy part that they injected into the movie was distracting for me since I wanted them to focus on the development of characters more. All of the actors were spectacular and elemental in telling a homoerotic love story. A nod towards the great Oscar Wilde, their dialogues were inspired of his works and was very well-written. the film was at its best with just a close up of two people talking. The expressions of sadness, triumph, and shame were made even more memorable as these emotions were introduced in their voyage of self-discovery.

The character of Brian Slade’s wife, Mandy, was the most pained as she watched someone she loved love someone else. This particular someone else was something she could never be so she could never aspire to fill his place. In a single line:  It’s funny how beautiful people are when they’re walking out the door could melt anyone’s heart to acid. We watch her suffer silently in the background as her husband basked in the many lights of his career.

The relationship between Slade and Wild was a complicated one because of its very nature. When they were in this giant orgy, the audience would feel how uncontrollable animal desires are and how liberal this world of theirs operates. Their sordid love affair was a source of inspiration to those teenagers fighting their way out of the closet at the time. There is no love as great as the love that helps others, inspires many, and breaks the foundations of which the man has built.

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