Hotel Chevalier & Darjeeling Limited (071289)

25 May

I didnt get to watch this in class so I downloaded it and watched it at home in the same way, Hotel Chevalier first then The Darjeeling Limited.

The movie Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson is about three brothers on a quest to see their mother. The three brothers Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody), Jack (Jason Schwartzman) ride the Darjeeling Limited and partake on a somewhat spiritual journey, spearheaded by Francis. The three have not met since their father’s untimely death, and Francis, after a near-death experience, decided to reunite his family so that they can be united once more.

The movie has Wes Anderson’s auteurship written all over it. The bright colors of the scene are reminiscent of his other movie Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. This is seen in contrast with the melancholic theme of the movie: family and the three brother’s searching for something spiritual, something that will explain their father’s death and help them make sense of their mediocre life.The colors are very bright blues and yellows or Indian in a sense. The colors make you feel like you really are in India.  The music he uses is apt for the scenes. Even if it doesn’t seem to match the images on screen, the lyrics reveal something about the character. For example, when Peter runs towards the car during the opening sequence of the movie, the song that plays reveals something about the journey he is about to take. The lyrics go: “This time tomorrow, I will be on a spaceship, sailing across an empty sea, This time tomorrow, where will we go?” This frames the journey of the brothers and their uncertainty about their life, another common theme that Wes Anderson tackles in his movies. Similarly, the theme of family and father-son relations is seen in the play. The father is absent throughout the movie but his presence is seen through the quiet desperation of the boys to meet each other. Another interesting thing about Darjeeling Limited is the mini-movie it comes with: Hotel Chevalier. This movie has only one of the brothers: Jack. He along with his girlfriend (Natalie Portman) meet in Hotel Chevalier to talk, and end up making love. This scene reveals much about the character of Jack, and the brothers in general. All are confused rich boys. The fact that Jack could live in Hotel Chavalier for so long show how well-off his family is. His confusion regarding whether he should take his girlfriend back show how indecisive he is. The movie Darjeeling Limited is seen as pleasureable because of the folksy music it uses in its background, the colors that are used, the fluid cinematography used to portray the plight of the three brothers and the touching theme of family and brotherhood used. If one is not used to Anderson’s directing style, however, one may not be as open to his unconvetional and somewhat slow pacing of the movie. Many of the events are seen as slow because the director highlights the dialogue between the characters instead of the action that takes place. This trait, when taken into consideration, makes one be able to appreciate Darjeeling Limited and Anderson as a director.

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