I like Primer (071289)

25 May

I think I’m the only one in class who liked the movie Primer. I even downloaded this movie so I could watch it again. Every time Sir Andrew asks who liked Primer, I’m afraid to raise my hand in fear of being judged and possibly threatened outside of class.

Okay here we go. Don’t shoot me.

Yes, the movie was hard to understand and to comprehend. It feels like the movie is not meant to be watched by the general public. I agree to that. But I understood the movie. I admit that I did not understand the whole thing but only the basic stuff which was enough for the movie to make sense and for me to like it. Honestly, I didn’t know that they were building a time-traveling machine (or that the movie is about time-traveling. Watching La Jetee before it didn’t give it away. How was I suppose to know that it was time-traveling themed movies day?) until I heard one of the characters say ‘double’. But I knew they were doing something revolutionary or ahead of their time. At first I thought they were making free energy. It reminded me of an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory when he was also creating a complex machine in his garage. You can say I’m interested with science stuff. I didn’t understand the whole timetable of their time traveling at first. I had to search it online and read the story a couple of times. But somehow it doesn’t really matter or you don’t have to understand what’s happening every minute but what I think is important is their intention/goal for their time traveling.

The cast and acting were great. I was actually distracted during the whole movie because David Sullivan (Abe) looks A LOT like Chad Faust who was in a recent House episode. I had to open my laptop and play that House episode so I could compare their faces. But even being distracted, I still understood the movie. I think it made me like it even more even if they were not the same person.

Cinematography was excellent and the film didnt look low-budget at all. Shots and compositions were artsy enough. I appreciated the camera movements and angles of framing. Focus is on the right point of shallowness and it had a couple of close-ups here and there. Lighting varied a lot per scene but it was all suitable.

The intro shot and the end credits design is pretty interesting. Being a graphic designer, I pay attention to these things. It didn’t look like the typical center-aligned white text over a black background but it was more stylized. This movie was made in 2004 but the font choice and typography is so late 2010s. I think it adds to the futuristic feel of the movie. Props to the graphic designer 😉 (not that anyone really watches this part. So I guess you can really see how much I liked this movie. To the point that I watched till the very end. )

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