Ideas and Propagandas, V for Vendetta (090102)

25 May

V for Vendetta is a film of ideas. This film challenges the relationship between the governing body and its citizens. It definitely questions the roles of both and how they should function with and for each other.

This is not your typical comic book adaptation movie, even though it involves the Wachowski Brothers, the creators of the Matrix trilogy, and Vertigo comics, it goes beyond the realm of what a stereotypical comic book hero is since it is questionable if he, V is indeed a hero or maybe even a villain.

V symbolizes each and every oppressed citizen, whose reason for living is now to build a total anarchy to the government which will then make it collapse. V, being one of the successful test subjects of a government-supported project, who eventually gone through a series of torture, lost all of his former identity and character, thus making a monster that would eventually eat and consume every single one that made his life a living hell. He fancied himself from the number of his jail cell and used a mask with a face that symbolizes an immortal idealism, an idealism going beyond the mind of its maker.

Evey, who at first lives in a life of status quo, who tried in following the rules of the Parliament even though there were times that she innocently attempts to violate the rules, eventually was influenced and her eyes opened by V who is both the self-proclaimed protagonist and antagonist of this film. Here we can see that there are times wherein we shouldn’t settle to conformity, that we should also be responsible for the welfare of each other. It’s all about social change, through the means of collective behavior initiated by V who desires change in ways of influence and propaganda.

A movie of ideas, propagandas, constant vigilance, and awakening, this film is all about having to believe with every individual’s potential and capacity to make a difference. It’s about knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, thus helping them for their survival. We shouldn’t let ourselves be pressured with what society only wants, but we should also see what society actually needs, without even the society knowing, feeling, and assuming that there is such a great and dire need for change and reform. If it cannot be done by the government, then the citizen themselves shall create a new one out of the broken down foundation, thus beginning from scratch, out of pure ideas and ideologies. Such a society cannot exist without both the government and its citizens, still there is an urge of a government to rule over a society but their function should revolve around the need of the people, not the other way around. Karma, what you give is what get returned, is really emphasized in this film, that in some way or another, you cannot totally get away from your past if there is still no closure. The concept of the means justifying the ends and how it is done by both V and the government questions their morals and beliefs. In the end, we should all know our roles and places in our societies.

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