Mainstream Mystery : Zodiac 2007 [092805]

25 May

I like Jake Gyllenhaal. Knowing that Jake Gyllenhaal was starring lead in the film gave me enough reason to pay attention to it. However, as the movie progressed, I was completely engrossed in the plot and everything that was happening to it that whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal played the lead, it did not matter all that much. I appreciated that another mainstream movie was to be shown in class and in this case, one that was of suspense and drama.

At the beginning of the film, I already knew it was going to be an exciting film. However, the first murder that occurred was kind of predictable. A couple in a car coming from a wild party, solitarily driving into a dark place : It was a typical entree to a horror or suspense film. It was mentioned in class how most of the murders take place at the beginning of the movie and I found it interesting that it was done so. The rest of the movie was simply a mystery, waiting to be solved.

I must say, Jake Gyllenhaal did a great job in portraying his character as the cartoonist-turned-detective obsessed to find the true identity of the Zodiac killer. As to why he became so obsessed, I am not exactly sure. Was it because people looked down on him because of his job? Was he so desperate to prove that he could do it? In any case, throughout the film, it could be seen how his role as Robert Graysmith turned from an awkward, quiet man who kept to himself into still one who kept to himself, but obsessed and simply creepy.

I must say that I was completely entertained by Paul Avery, played by Robert Downey, Jr. He is another actor I love. Though he played the drunk, famous man, the way he acted still reminded me about his claim to fame, Iron Man.

There were a couple of scenes in where I was kind of falling asleep. Maybe the film was just too long for me. Some scenes may have been too dragging and unnecessary. But there is also a chance that it was only because of the temperature of the classroom that made me want to curl up and just, sleep. Do not get me wrong. Zodiac was not at all boring. However, there were parts in the movie that simply went on for too long.

Nevertheless, Zodiac is an interesting thriller and I constantly found myself at the edge of my seat, either frozen with anticipation or freaking out. It intrigues me very much how it was based on a true story. Out of curiosity, I did my research and I found the pictures of each character: Robert Graysmith, Paul Avery, David Toschi and Arthur Leigh Allen; both the reel and the real people; ( and I am amazed how some actually look like each other. I must commend the makers of the film for casting more or less, the right people.

The Zodiac killer must have been quite an interesting man. Freaky, yes, but interesting enough to have a movie based on what he has done.

“I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forest, because man is the most dangerous animal of all … I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves.” – Zodiac Killer’s Cipher Decoded, 1969

You would think that these things could only happen in the movies. It was not. If one knew this while watching the film, I think it creates an even bigger impact and it achieves what I think the director wants the film’s audience to feel as they watch it.

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