Primer [090279]

25 May

The fact that I never really did understand the movie Primer added to the horror of having to write a blog journal entry about it. Even if I were given the chance to watch it again, I do not even think that there is a slight possibility of me considering doing so. It was (no offense) one of the most boring movies I have ever seen. Add to that the eerie feeling it gives off while one is watching the film. As what has already been mentioned in class, Primer is one of the more realistic movies that had been shown in class when compared to the others.

As I was watching the film, I can honestly say that there had not been a single moment wherein I really completely understood what was happening. I clearly remember asking the people from the same row (of seats where I was seated) about things in the movie that were not really clear to me. The scenes which included the parts bout them talking about the materials and things they had to do with them just seemed like pure mumbling to me. That was the moment wherein I felt like, and was kind of sure that I was not really going to like this movie. I automatically shut down, but remained watching without REALLY watching, if you get my drift. It was definitely frustrating to try to understand something and yet ending up more confused than ever. I guess towards the end, I just gave up because I knew that I would just be wasting my effort and time in trying to figure out the real deal. There were, however, mini segments of enlightenment where I miraculously semi understood the complexities of what was going on in certain scenarios. These moments were the ones that freaked me out though, especially when I realized what was really going on. The feeling is pretty hard to explain. It was more like catching the gist of everything and yet getting more confused about what was happening. How ironic.

It was surely an effective time travel movie. At first it was pretty hard to comprehend that the characters were playing with the element of time. It was not necessarily directly exposed that they were. Even as the machine was just being constructed, nothing ever gave the concept away. Up to now, I still am very confused about this movie. I know that not all things could be directly explained, but this movie sure has a way to tangle things up a bit. Probably the best thing to do is read more reviews and analysis about it since I know for sure that I would not be seeing it for a second time anyway. Nonetheless, I can say that the movie was pretty effective in setting a dead mood. The over-all scene felt dead serious and even from the beginning viewers know that they are in for something that will totally blow their minds; which is not necessarily a good thing.

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