25 May

Primer is probably the most difficult film I’ve watched so far. Although I’m such a big fan of sci-fi thriller movies such as Moon, I really didn’t enjoy watching for many different reasons.

Primer is a movie that takes the definition of science fiction into a whole new level. Most science fiction movies simply give us an alternate reality in which science plays a very big part on the character’s existence. One of my favorite sci-fi movies is Moon. Moon simply tells us the story of an astronaut as he deals his hermit lifestyle on the moon. The movie simply gives its viewers fictional concepts that are not really far from our reality. The same is true for the movie Primer. Unlike Moon however, takes time to discuss and explain the fictional concepts within the film. As a result, two highly intellectual character just talk about possible explanations throughout the movie, which substantially bombarded me with scientific jargons I didn’t even bother understanding. This, in turn, made me feel distanced from the movie since I couldn’t even sympathize with what’s going on with the characters in the film. I do, however, feel amazed whenever the main characters talk intellectually maybe because I love seeing people talk passionately esp. about interesting topics whether I understand it or not.

One of the things I didn’t like about Primer is the way it changed its atmosphere halfway through the movie. The first part of the movie really hooked me to the film since it feels as if something great will happen from humble beginnings. I was actually rooting for the scientists to succeed during the start of the film as I was noticing the low capital they have for their science projects. I even thought that the movie would end after they’ve done their project since a huge chunk of Primer was used in creating the machine. A few minutes later however, the atmosphere begins to become tense as the scientists tries to uncover the mystery behind their invention. This shift really spoiled the movie for me since it sort of made me feel as if the latter part is a completely different movie.

Aside from the film’s atmosphere, another issue I have with Primer is its lack of time indicators that made it difficult for me to keep track of the characters whenever they enter the time machine. Time indicators is probably the most important aspect of a movie about time travel and Primer didn’t really factor this in when the film was made. As a result, so many viewers like me became lost at the latter part of the film. In fact, I believe the discussions on the earlier part of the movie is easier to understand especially for sci-fi geeks like myself.

Overall, I would never recommend anyone to watch Primer simply because it’s a terrible movie to watch if you’re looking for an interesting story. It’s boring, it’s too complex and it’s very difficult to understand just by watching it once. Patience is a requirement for watching movies like Primer.

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