Punch-Drunk Love (071289)

25 May

This was my first time watching Punch-Drunk Love and I didn’t like this movie. I agree with a comment on about this movie “Anderson seems more concerned about pushing the limits of weirdness than actual storytelling.” I think there were a lot of unnecessary and unimportant things and scenes in the movie like the piano/harmonium, the phone sex hotline girl and this thing with the pudding. Maybe these things meant something but for me they didn’t. The phone sex hotline girl might be important here to highlight Adam Barry’s loneliness but it should have ended with the call. This is supposed to be a romantic movie but the love story only happens in like what the last 40mins? They meet, fall in love, something happens and they break up and then they get back together.

It does have the elements of a typical romantic movie complete with all the cheesy lines but it didn’t seem to focus on them throughout the movie. They build this tension from the start then pours it back to you at the end. I really didn’t understand the movie as a whole. I’m glad they got their happy ending though.

Adam Sandler’s acting wasn’t something commendable. His acting here reminded me of him in 50 First Dates and Anger Management.

About the thing with the lens flares, I totally didn’t get that. Turns out it is used during scenes that show the love between Barry and Lena. I don’t know if people really noticed it or just read it online. The lens flares looked so artificially I thought it was just a camera mistake.

I was expecting a warm lovely feeling from this movie. 😦

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