Silent Scream from Zodiac (090102)

25 May

Zodiac is a film about crime, escape from punishment, and man’s blindness of the truth.

For me it’s hard to accept that in watching the film in an omniscient point of view, seeing every detail in front of me, hearing the conversations and the interviews, and even letting me witness several crimes happening from how it was executed, observing how the police not taking certain witnesses and even the hints given by the suspect himself, very seriously since they were too cautious, too much calculated, too much playing safe. I couldn’t blame them either since I’m not part of the police, or part of any other party that involves them in the investigation of this case. These make me feel guilty as a witness who cannot speak of the truth since I’m not part of the movie.  I’m just an all knowing audience, a spectator, seeing everything unfold.

I find this film very disturbing since it ended up with the crime not having a decent closure when all of the evidences are there lying down in front of us, just not in the standards of the police to accept. The ending of the film, being not given a proper closure for them, but maybe for us it did since we, the audience now have a clear picture of what happened and who really the Zodiac is.

With that, this goes to show how movies seem to captivates its viewers, making them somehow forget that everything is all planned out, scripted, not even true. Since in movies, it’s like reading a book, it makes use of our imagination, making what is abstract or an alternative world present inside our heads or in our perceptions. We are so captivated by the films that we watch that we are affected by every dialogue, decision, and turn of events of the plot in the film. We get the mood, emotion, and overall impact, and once we do reach that level of captivation and involvement, then I can say that the movie was successful.

But on the technical side, I found the film too long in its length, having too many details, a lot of characters to follow who would eventually disappear at some point of the film since they are no longer relevant, and too much subplots. On the side note, I found the cinematography, editing, and overall execution of the film very pleasing since it adds mood, emotion, and impact. For me the film was too long to endure, without much of a specific climactic scene since there were certain moments in the film that I felt it was it but turns out to be a disappointment because it wasn’t taken seriously or it wasn’t enough technically by the investigators. It’s such a sad film to watch since there was no justice given to the victims of the murder done by the Zodiac, those actual few crimes that he committed himself and not only what he fancied being connected to him but actually wasn’t.

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