The Godfather [090279]

25 May

I was honestly worried when I heard that The Godfather was the next movie we will be seeing in class. Almost everyone I know had positive reviews about it, so I cannot really be blamed for having high expectations. Probably the choice as to how they would rate it was either they loved it or they loved it so much. One thing is for sure though: I knew that in one way or another, my perspective of the film would change just because most of the people I know have been raving about it.  I am actually a bit confused if there is a probability that I just forced myself to like it since everybody else does. Joining the bandwagon, as what others would call it. It was actually pretty embarrassing to admit that I have not seen the film yet. It is one of the classics, and thus, a must-see. I am actually very appreciative of the fact that it was shown in class because I am not really sure if I would have been able to convince myself to watch it on my own.

I am not really a fan of long movies. I would say that I would much rather prefer seeing short/ average length films because they are lighter and less tiring to watch (there are such movies, in my opinion). It was a whole different case with The Godfather, though. Although the movie lasted for more than three 3 hours, every second was well executed. I don’t really remember a moment wherein I felt sleepy or uninterested to watch. Probably another thing that got me hooked was seeing great stars such as Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and Diane Keaton in their prime. I guess it was very refreshing to see the less wrinkled and youthful versions of such legends. Although it was more of an action or even somewhat of a suspense movie, I liked the fact that it had a lot of underlying genres. Come to think of it, the film had a lot of other stories embedded in it. There are of course a handful of romantic love stories, there is also the family aspect of it all, also included is the concept of brotherhood/fraternity and many others. It was also great that the film enabled me to follow everything that was happening without drowning my brain with too much scenarios, ideas and facts. It was slow paced and fast paced at the same time. Although the flow of the story was linear, nothing was too heavy to follow.

In my opinion, The Godfather was truly an all around and fully entertaining movie. It is no wonder that it is considered as one of the classics. I am glad that I was finally able to watch such a great creation. I can now officially say that I have seen the Godfather, and I am also one of the people who truly like it (and not because other people like it as well. I really do!).

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