The Godfather II [090279]

25 May

Much like its prequel, The Godfather II was another movie worth watching. Sure, the movie may be unbelievably long, but every second was worth it. I was shocked upon learning that it would be longer than the first movie. It really got me thinking about what could possibly happen to a movie that last for more than three hours. I was already preparing myself for boredom and dozing off, but I was proven wrong. I also stayed awake, attentive and alive all throughout this one J

One thing I liked about The Godfather II was its derailment from the linear unravelling of the plot. It was a fresh take, rather than a repetition of the movie which it followed. I believe that the flashbacks are very relevant since they provide a peek into the origins of the characters’ personalities and traits. In a way, it gives the viewers a better understanding of how each person in the film came to be (It is pretty much just like the X-men origin movies I guess). The added depth also makes the roles more real and less flat. It is easier to understand why Don Corleone, for example treats the people around him in a certain way, as well as how the siblings (Sonny, Fredo, Michael and Connie) treat each other. Seeing the characters bloom (both Don Corleone and Michael) parallel to one another was also very interesting. The focus of the movie takes turns between Don Corleone’s “rags to riches” story and Michael’s rise and fall as the new don of their “family”. For some reason, each cut always managed to leave me hanging. I don’t really know if it is a good thing or not, but deep inside, I just wanted to know the rest of the story before moving on to the next disconnected scenario. Maybe it is just my personal preference to finish a certain storyline before starting and dealing with another. I just feel that it would be less tiring (I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that some movies can be tiring to watch) if don Corleone’s story would be played until the end before starting that of Michael’s. Doing this, however, would lessen the film’s “movement”. It could have a bad effect on the flow of the plot but I am not really sure of what it could be. So right now, I am kind of torn about that one. Nonetheless, I loved the idea of the flashbacks. Although the movie changes its focus now and then, it is not really hard to follow the flow of the story. Everything was timed just right; no scenario was too long and dragging. Enough time was allotted to show the important parts and every second was used to the fullest.

A strong theme in this movie is the concept of a family, and I believe that even with all the blood and bullets, the family dynamics found in the movie still managed to shine through. The godfather is not just another movie full of violence and crime; it also has underlying factors that are delicate and more fragile than life itself.

The Godfather one and two really allowed me to explore my options when it comes to movies. Although I was able to watch them just now, I am no doubt added to list of suckers to these classics. I am actually thinking of watching the third one, but I am pretty worried because of the bad reviews I have been hearing about it. Nonetheless, I am glad that I was given the chance to watch them, and they are for sure movies that I will watch again and again without hesitation.

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