The Godfather : The Offer No One Can Refuse [092805]

25 May

The Godfather : The Offer No One Can Refuse

People weren’t wrong about The Godfather. Ever since I was younger, I was always told that I should not let my life pass me by without watching The Godfather. I even downloaded the trilogy of The Godfather because of everything everyone has been raving about, all 2.88 GB of it. (Mind you, my laptop has less than 4 GB left.) As I had mentioned in class, I did not want to take my time away from things I would normally do, which is why I had not seen the film yet. This is why I was ecstatic when I found out that we were going to watch this film in class. My time in class would be put to great use, I thought. Some may say that I underestimated what The Godfather has to offer but in truth, I really had high expectations for this movie.

As I said earlier, after seeing this film, people were not wrong about it.

I must say, I am immensely impressed. After seeing the film, I was like, “No wonder!” Now I know what everyone’s been talking about. I don’t know what it is about this film that simply lures everybody in. Everything about the film just seemed so tight and put together that the output of the film was great. It was definitely a lengthy film and at first I had my doubts about it. I thought that at some point, I would want to just want to go out for a quick break then come back. However, the story of The Godfather kept me completely interested the entire time. I did not even notice the time. If the movie had gone any longer, I honestly would not have minded.

The acting was impeccable, as well. I noticed and recognized this in the first few minutes of the movie through one of the supporting characters in the film, Bonasera. The way he explained the situation of his daughter almost put me to tears right then and there. As the movie progressed, the rest is history. Just like everybody else, I found myself completely engrossed in the events of the Corleone’s. I must admit, I am not exactly the type to watch “boy” movies. Because of all the killing and the bloodshed, because it is mafia-themed, some would automatically assume that The Godfather is a man’s film. However, I feel that more than that, it is also a film for the family. I loved and admired the way Don Vito Corleone put his family first at all costs.

In my opinion, what I should also commend most about The Godfather is the script and how well it was written. Each character played an important role in the film and each contributed to each other’s character. I must say, at some points in the film, I had to rely on my friend (who has already seen the film) to tell me who’s who because there were just too many characters for my brain to register and remember in such a short span of time. But what I think is a good thing was that I actually wanted to know who each character was and what kind of role they played in the film.

Apparently, The Godfather was based on Mario Puzo’s books and right now, I actually want to read the books as well as I was completely blown away by the movie. So many of the usual cliches and quotes I have been hearing and using throughout the entire duration of my life so far, I realized, came from The Godfather.

I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” After the nth time he said it, I came to like and enjoy this line a lot. I was amused at how such a short sentence can cause even the most powerful of people to shut up. This particular line seemed like Don Vito Corleone’s trademark (which he later on passed on to his son Mike, but more of that later) and indeed, he always followed through.

The character of Michael Coreleone played by Al Pacino (…who was such a handsome man at that age!!!) played a critical character in the story. At the beginning of the movie, he tells Kay, his girlfriend turned wife, about his family’s business and how he blatantly told her, “That’s my family Kay, it’s not me.” Everything changed after he volunteered to take part in his family’s business as an act to take revenge for the attack on Don Vito. There was a drastic change in character for Michael from the beginning of the film to the end which simply added so much depth to the film itself. Though Don Vito Corleone died, Michael’s story doesn’t end there, as he is the unlikely man to take the place of his father, the Godfather.

All the elements of the film made me, as an audience, feel as if I could be there, as well. From the set design, the people, the music: I found myself wanting to be a part of what was going on. Truly, The Godfather deserves all its praise. It is a classic example of a classic.

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