V for Vendetta (071289)

25 May

The movie V for Vendetta is about a mystery revolutionary man called V. It is set in a dystopian alternative London. The character V is a freedom fighter that saves and in a way brainwashes Evey (Natalie Portman again!). The world of V is one where homosexuals are abducted from their homes by the government for being homosexual, where people are killed for speaking their minds, where others are taken as long as they are not missed. V is one such person. His name V comes from the roman number V found on his door. A survivor of the biological experiments of the governments, he wears a mask that has become the icon his revolution.

The movie brings to life the thoughts of Allan Moore, the writer of the graphic novel V for Vendetta, which the move was based on. The fear of totalitarian military regime is brought to light, as V creates chaos among a world totally controlled by the government. What makes this movie powerful are the images of what the government really does to good people, in order to control and subject them to their ideals. Steve Fry who plays the boss of Natalie Portman is brutally murdered because he is a practicing homosexual who admires art. The lesbians that Evey reads about when she is imprisoned by V show the dregs of mankind, and how low humanity can truly fall. The chiaroscuro effect of the mise-en-scene within the London scenes contrast the brightness of that one scene which shows the happiness of the two lesbians. This sharp difference in color shows the director’s intention of contrasting a happier London with the present one.

What makes this film interesting is that it is a film based on a graphic novel of the same by by Allan Moore. The dark images and ideals are given life by Portman and Weaving. It is given an alternative ending though, with Portman’s character falling in love with V. This change may make one who does not know the comic enjoy the film, by giving it a Hollywood ending. It also gives those who have read the graphic novel a twist, which some may or may not take into kind. The images found within the film give are a watered down version of the even more graphic images found in Moore’s comic. It can serve as an alternative for others who may not be able to take the violence and gore within the novel.

Overall the movie was a cinematic representation of a dystopian society. It is an interesting take on alternative futures society may have, while showing the resilience of the human spirit.

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