V for Vendetta: Ideas (070660)

25 May

V for Vendetta shows the exploits of the anarchist V and his rebellion against a corrupt government and a severely dystopian society. He could be seen serving justice into his own hands; blowing up the parliament, executing corrupt officials, and cleaning out the bad guys in general. But his actions aren’t without personal motive, though; he wants to exact retribution for having been tested on at a facility decades ago. He meets Evey and implants in her the notion that ideas are bulletproof by putting her in the face of death. (An interesting observation is that Natalie Portman still manages to look ridiculously hot even without a head full of hair.)

There are many reasons why I found the movie to be particularly easy to watch. One reason is that a lot of action takes place on screen. Punches, stabbing, and explosions are aplenty in this movie, and they never fail to entertain and capture the attention of the audience. In addition to this, the casting is also composed of convincing actors; old people who manage to act unlikeable as corrupt politicians, dirty looking thugs who look like rapists, and an adventurous Natalie Portman who was willing to have her head shaved for the movie (it was done in a single take.) However, the main character who plays V is quite limited in terms of facial expressions; he could be seen as smiling all throughout the movie. Kidding aside, it is quite interesting to note that V, the main character of the film, never once shows his face on screen.

However, I did not like how clichéd some of the elements in the movie are. For instance, there was the baptism of fire and water, where scenes from an open armed V and Evey were juxtaposed, showing that they now had a new life and a new cause to fight for. This was quite literal and not at all subtle, and as discussed in class, some people found it funny or otherwise found fault in it. Another scene was during the end of the movie, where a mask wearing crowd of V’s could be seen unmasking themselves one by one, and the faces of both the living and the dead characters throughout the movie could be seen. It means that collectively, they are now fighting for the same cause. Effective as it may be, perhaps it could be said that the scene was overly dramatic and clichéd. (Though sometimes, is it best not to think about these things in detail? Overanalyzing could severely ruin a movie experience after all. When watching something like ‘The Transformers’, you just have to look at the screen, watch the robots transform, and eat your popcorn.)

V for Vendetta is a film with the premise that an idea will live on, as long as someone still believes in it. This actually marks one of the earlier efforts of DC with regard to film adaptations of its comics, and they have succeeded in making it entertaining. Cliched as some parts may be, the movie is quite balanced with a healthy dose of action and drama; I personally would remember the 5th of November.


Miguel Castriciones

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