What is love? Paris, Je T’Aime (090102)

25 May

The movie Paris, Je T’Aime is such a cute heart-warming film portraying various forms of love in the streets of Paris, France. Consisting of eighteen short films about people experiencing love, both positive and negative, in forms such as family, homosexuality, literature, science-fiction, faith, trust, friendship, relationships, and a whole lot of others, this film is completely an enjoying moment to watch.  It’s a treat for short film enthusiasts, couples who are looking for that perfect date movie, and film buffs that just want to watch something different, fresh, and original.

With all the different kinds of emotions, dreams, aspirations, hopes, desires, despair, pain, regrets, and everything that is related with love, being portrayed by a variety of multi-talented actors under the guidance and concepts of world-renowned directors, this is not your ordinary pseudo-romantic comedy movie.  Love, being an abstract concept, an idea, an emotion, and a universal binding force to all living beings, making us self-transcend, inspired, motivated, and live to another day, its interpretations are varied to all people. I believe that even though we are all unique and different individuals, there are certain things that we get to see and understand that we have all in common, that no matter how different our values, morals, beliefs, and philosophies are, at the very end of the day, we all just want to be loved, understood, and be cherished as human beings having the capacity to feel and to love.

I found the film quite a pleasure to watch especially when you’re with your family and friends since not only can most of us relate to certain stories in the film, but we get to reflect with the relationships and commitments that we have. Some of these stories question how we find true love, how we very much are we committed with our loved ones, how we treat our peers, how we spend our time with the people that we cherish the most, and most of all how we love and perceive, and understand the very essence and concept of love.

I really found this movie very light as to compare to the previous films we’ve watched in class. Somehow I’ve realized that indeed stories are always told in the middle and ends in the middle of a much whole larger story. What we only see are fragments of the lives and experiences of the characters that we are encountering. In this film, we are not given the opportunity to know their backgrounds, their wants, their needs, their desires at the very beginning. Instead we are forced to catch up, to collect certain ideas and perceptions of the characters, being open to sudden changes in the plot, with those elements of surprises, and get to know them more from these fragments of scenes.

We get to fall in love with the characters, share their pains and triumphs, learn from their mistakes, and see love from their very eyes to their very hearts. Truly this is a very romantic film, exploring the very depths of the feeling that we all call love.

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